Topic: Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, South Park or American Dad?

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My two favourites are Family guy and Futurama.
Then The Simpsons and then American Dad.
I also love South Park!
What are your favorites?

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South Park.


Aint those critters sooo cute!

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Futurama for originality and cause it has Bender.

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Oh yeah forgot about that!

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Yep Southpark. But since it's not an option I choose Simpsons

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Roopa132 wrote:

Yep Southpark. But since it's not an option I choose Simpsons

I edited the post.

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My favs are Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, American Dad, and King of the Hill.

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Robot Chicken


Futurama, exponentially greater than any other animated comedic series. It has a level of originality and polish that none of the others can approach. And it's coming back for a regular season! 'bout time.

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South Park! Simpsons is alright but it gets old, and it's not really funny anymore, just stupid. Family Guy sucks hard now that they brought it back on. It's not original at all. I've never really watched Futurama or American Dad, but that's because neither appealed to me at all. South Park actually has a meaning behind every one of its episodes; it's not just random crap thrown together trying to be funny. The past season hasn't been up to par, though, IMO. It seems like they're just trying to "cross the line" more and more with their humor and topics, rather than actually focusing on the quality of the episodes.

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Out of the options, I'd choose Futurama. I enjoy King of the Hill as well, but that wasn't one of the choices

I watched a few episodes of Family Guy, but the most I could get from it was a few forced chuckles. American Dad was just flat out "not funny". I never did give The Simpsons or South Park much of a chance, however.

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I can't decide between Family Guy and The Simpsons. They're both hilarious!

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The Simpsons and Family Guy.



Southpark and futurama ( the movies i don't really like.)

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I love South Park the most. But the others are are cool too. Particularly Family guy and Futurama which is in fact funnier than the Simpsons IMO.

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None of the above imo. Their just not my thing. To keep from being a total killjoy, I do at times like south park's use of pop culture. Heck they even went so far as to talk about Seth Macfarlane's lack of talent. Anyone that does that deserves props. I may be in the minority but I was a King of the Hill fan until it was canned and I USED to like the Simpsons maybe 7 years ago. I still watch them all on occasion as my friend and I are currently working on a comic book that acts as a sitcom. I may release more info on it in my topic "a problem with a play" as time goes on. My current avatar actually a rough drawing of a character to be used.

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Did anyone hear the new seasons of Futurama is going to have a completely new cast



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