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Nintendo is evil! They make underpowered systems, price their downloadable games too high, and make us suffer waiting for new games!
I'm not saying that they are a bad company though.

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And yet they're winning this generation

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I love this thread. Not sure why, but I do. It has attracted me to it like a magnet. I love these type of stupid threads that'll end up being locked. Always hiliarious.

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Why do some threads end up being locked?

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i was about to just leave this thread and let the mods do their stuff until i say the sentence "make us suffer waiting for new games"
i dont think you can make good games in a week or less

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Nintendo is evil.

If they weren't Earthbound would be on VC.

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i'm guessing this is some kind of joke that's fallen horribly flat...?
i lol'd, JR :3

future of NL >:3
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