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Don't get me wrong, I do not what anyone to take this as hostile. But what if Nintendo released every published title from the NES, SNES, N64, SMS, Sega Genesis, TG16? What would you do then? More so, what if Nintendo released every title next week they intend on releasing ever for the VC on Wii?

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i would buy the games that i want

...or more specifically, save money to buy the games that i want...

and play them until they have been beaten!


same here i just want Super Mario Kart to come to VC so badly after that i can be content and let nintendo have there one vc a day i won't mind one bit ^^

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I'd be happy actually, very happy, i dont care much for the suspense, i just want the games i want

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Everything released = no more whiners to harass.
I'd probably cry myself to sleep.
The next day, I would download the games.

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That'd be awesome. But it would be nearly impossible because of the rights so certain games.

Rare, anyone?

What the heck is Banjo and Kazooie doing on Xbox 360 Live Arcade.

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I would buy every game and I will never be uncontent again!



Rare owns the characters in the Banjo Kazooie series, not Nintendo. That's why we'll probably never see Diddy Kong Racing on the VC. As far I know, Rare owns the rights to characters like Banjo and Conker.

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That would be great. Someday I hope to not want to buy any more consumer goods so I can save my money for something important like getting old...

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