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I thought somebody stole my brothers dsi, I looked for 6 days tearing apart the house while he did nothing (because "I was searching for it so what is the point of two people looking") at 7 days he returned to work and realized he left it there
Other than that, I actually stole something. NO not like that. Somebody took my friends GBA (back in 2001) and he missed it. When I found out who did it I took it back and left a note saying "you now know how it feels. Change your life" or something to that effect. ever since then that friend called me robin (after robin hood)
The odd thing is, I feel bad about it even though I returned it to the original owner I dont know why. I know that the kid who stole it came to me asking about the note (oddly enough we were all friends before this) and I said that whoever wrote it was wise and that he should change. He then confessed to me that he did it. I havnt talked to either of them since middle school. I wonder how they are doing?

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