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Just last Friday I had my camera pinched form my girlfriends handbag on a night out. They took the 80euro she had in there as well, it's such a frustrating thing to happen. We had weeks of pictures, including that night, on our camera that were never backed up.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of the thief.



Wow that sucks for you
I fortunately never had anything stolen...

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I remember that i used to have a Bowser mario kart doll, and he came with a spiny shell. I still have bowser and his kart, but no spiny shell.


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Aviator wrote:

I remember that i used to have a Bowser mario kart doll, and he came with a spiny shell. I still have bowser and his kart, but no spiny shell.

Sounds like you just lost it, lol!



I had a box with a Sega Saturn and abotu 35 games stolen when I moved out of my last apartment years ago.

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That the most gut-wrenching feeling when you get something stolen. Especially out of your home. It just makes you feel violated. I'm grinding my teeth just thinking about it.

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I had my heart stolen - and then trampled on.

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Many years back, in my second year as an undergrad student, I lived on one of the top floors of a fairly tall dorm building which stood at a higher elevation than most of the city that sloped downward away from my window, so I kept a camera with a gigantic telephoto lens on a tripod at my window, just to look out over the city, and to be amused by the tiny forms stumbling between bars.

One day I returned from class to find just the tripod sitting there--definitely not my roommate's doing, he was a good friend and impeccably honest, but could have been any number of people who could have come in through the adjoined room that shared our bathroom. Mainly it was just annoying... that was very old equipment that you could probably buy for a fairly low price at a thrift store, and what's more, that old camera was from my deceased dad, and the telephoto lens belonged to my great grandfather, who had all kinds of old photography equipment he gave us over the years as he lost his vision and ability to use it.

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A car, with loads of my clothes in the boot, passport, and other tasty morsels. I hate them!



Not long ago, about 4 weeks ago, I had my 1996 Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat motorcycle stolen from my residence and found only around the block, near a park, and burnt out...

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An old pair of shoes I used to run in. Don't know why anyone would want them, because I definetly put quite a few miles on them, and they were in pretty bad shape. But still.

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7th grade, I had my pink iPod Mini stolen during a football game. I lefted it inside my locker in the locker room. After the game, I came back for it only to find out my lock is broken. My clothes were still intact but the $250 iPod Mini was gone. I bought it with my own money and my parents yelling at me didn't really help.

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About 5 years ago (Probably more.) my sister was dating this guy named Matt, he stole my Yu-Gi-Oh! game and my sisters Pokemon game! Man I hate that guy! I'm glad she broke up with him, just the thought of that makes me REALLY MAD!



When I was still in junior high back in the day someone broke into my locker. Now see I had just gotten Metroid Fusion and they stole that, and my battery cover for my GBA... Why they didn't just take the Game Boy with it to this day still baffles me... I need to buy it again so I can beat it.

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One of my Favorite Titles ever Sin & Punishment for N64 That my dad bought over seas for me I had it in a special spot in my Room Only 3 people knew where it was me my dad & my Best Friend... sure enough 1 week later i come home from school seeing my window busted open & i go to my room everything was there except the Sin & Punishment.... i cried that whole night.. but then Years later saw it on VC & said Hell Yeah !

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  • In Kindergarden some one had stolen the new Transformer I brought to toy with. After reporting that I was missing it, that bitches of kindergarten teachers had shown the most retarded action ever and prooved again why it is ok to underpay them -> "Okay children, listen up: some one is missing his toy. Please check all your bags and look if some one accidently put it in there." Yeah, like the thief would...
  • my brothers "friend" asked him if he could lend OUR NES and games for the weekend and then he suddenly moved one or two days later to an unknown location.This happened around 1998. So it wasnt that crucial, but I still got mad at that jerk (and my brother, his friend lived two houses next to us !!!) and I am glad to be able to replay em on the Wii now.
  • the worst thing might be the new city bike I bought. I forgot to put it in the basement over night and just left it, atlast locked, directly in front of my house. I learned fast how bad my neighborhood realy was the next morning...



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