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I'm going to watch Revenge of the Fallen Saturday. I've never been to one. A friend told me the seats move, but I didn't think they did. Also, can you buy your tickets hours in advance from the box office? Thanks if anyone answers.



The seats do move, its pretty cool. I'm not sure if you can buy tickets in advance, but I would assume you could.

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I saw Fantasia 2000 when it came out. That was pretty freaking cool. I think I saw another one before that, but I don't remember what it was, because I was like 6 or something

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The seats move now!? I havent been to one in years. It's just not nesasary to watch something on a screen that big.

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We saw some lance armstrong video for science and how the body works and stuff. The seats move and ya its quite the experience Have fun!

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Well, sounds sweet and I can't wait to see Optimus Prime on the huge screen Thanks for the information, can't find much about it on the internet except for information on the cameras they use and where they are located lol.



I've been three times. It's amazing to be honest. The whole screen is as big as your whole eye length can take. Ive seen a Dinosaur film made especially for 3D, I can't remember what though, Beowulf and The Dark Knight. Seeing things just like the titles popping out infront of you is exciting.

But I don't recall the seats ever moving :S.

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I've been to one, they're in all the museums in D.C./Baltimore. It's really cool. Not all movies make the seats move but I went to one where they sprayed water in your face and blew air at your feat to simulate rats.

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I saw a few films in IMAX

The Lion King
Aliens Of The Deep
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Sea Monsters (OMNIMAX)
The Ant Bully 3D (Fake IMAX, meaning it wasn't as big as real IMAX theatres)

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I saw Transformers (part 1) in IMAX. Needless to say I left impressed I plan on seeing ROF in IMAX too.

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I haven't seen a Hollywood movie at an IMAX but I did see a documentary at our science museum. I must admit though it made me kind of dizzy. The seats didn't move at the theater I went to... Thank God



I just saw my first IMAX movie last week, Transformers 2

it would have been better if I didn't sit in the last row of seats >.<


Sadly I have never been to an IMAX theatre.

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I went once and never again. What a waste of money. Should have watched the movie in a regular theater. Craning my neck all over the place to properly take everything in is not my idea of fun, and that with a pretty decent seat.

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I saw The Dark Knight over in Londons Imax, pretty awesome stuff



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