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On a side note, 90 minutes LA to San Diego? That doesn't sound right - you'll hardly be up in the air before you're descending again, you might get the all-clear (no electronics use of any type for takeoff and landing) for a few minutes if you're lucky. Colorado Springs to Denver is the shortest commercial flight I've ever done, it's not much shorter, and you never get to cruising altitude.
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Not sure if useful now, but I just found this article on Wi-Fi availability on U.S. domestic flights. Probably not terribly useful, but if you feel it's necessary to change your L.A.-San Diego flight last minute to get Wi-Fi for an extra hour-and-a-half, it's worth a look.

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RetroGBHippie92 wrote:

Well I don't know if my 3DS is going to be charged by the time we touch ground after our 19 hour trip...

Other people have already covered electronics usage on planes, but I just thought I'd point out that these days, planes with entertainment units on the back of each seat (i.e. many international flights) offer powered USB ports. If you take a USB charging cable, you may be able to charge your 3DS in flight.

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