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This applies to Earthbound for the most part, but any game can be brought up.

More than once, I've played Earthbound terribly out of order. After saving (spoilers!) the Mr. Saturns from the factory, I drank my magic drink, went to sleep, and went back to Threed- back in 1995. Much later in the game, around Magicant time, I was told I was missing a Your Sanctuary location. I consulted my handy-dandy Earthbound guide (Still in my closet, next to my wife's shoes and under the last issue of Nintendo Power) and realized I never beat the Sprout.
I went back and fought him with all four characters, and possibly the 4th level of PSI Rockin.

On my 25th playthrough, now on Wii U, I am experimenting with more ideas like that. Does anyone have any similar experiences they'd like to share?

In Fallout New Vegas, you are taught how to use a gun by firing at cans on a fence, at the start of the game. I like to run past this area, play all the DLCs, get power armor, two followers, and come back with aerial bombardment and MFRL weapons. Nothing teaches those cans (and the gang members with baseball bats who attack soon after) who's boss quite like lasers fired from the sky, and a half-dozen nukes dropping out of thin air.

Anyone else play a game terribly out of order, either by accident or just to see what would happen?

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Didn't look at the spoiler. but I may had done a similar experience in this game.

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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I think I didn't do the 2nd My Sanctuary dungeon until after the 3rd one.

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