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Megamman! The animal crossing villager yessss!

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That was disappointing. At least I got to see Smash Bros, but c'mon, no new Zelda or new IP ? Boo

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I was unable to watch the video properly... I did see the first few things though. Did you see Batman Arkham Orgins? Those graphics, there were beyond amazing! It looked like Retro's new game was not Metroid... That's a bit disappointing in my opinion. I didn't see the new Mario game or Smash Bros., so I don't know what they're about.



That was.....disappointing

Just a guy making solo music using Garageband.


That ending....was uh, pretty abrupt. Where was reggie!? Then again, the entire stream was clipping beyond beliefe. I practically missed the entire mega man reveal! along with half of 3D World and Mario kart 8....WTF... I need to rewatch the entire thing again to form an opinion, but yeah.....Donkey Kong was a weak suprise(a little too soon perhaps?), Mega Man starring in brawl was the clear highlite.

I expected more, and outside of Bayonetta 2 the 3rd party support looks meh....

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Finally, some Mega Man action. I hope I can watch this entire stream again, the quality was brutality.




For me, new pokemon type was really the megaton announcement

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Apparently the video cannot play on my kindle fire hd anymore. I'm not surprised... From what you guys are saying, looks like it is good the video didn't work.



Well E3 isn't over yet...and they probably didn't show off everything. Did they upload a recording of the Direct yet? I can't navigate Nintendo's site well...its laggy.


What was the mystery Retro title?

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I'd be surprised if they didn't have another Direct soon showing off some other stuff like Yarn Yoshi and some 3DS games.

But in otherwords, I thought the Direct was pretty good. A lot of the stuff seemed safe, but at the same time it still looked great so I can't really complain.

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I didn't get to see much on my phone but it was kinda ok...?

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While I did enjoy the Direct, and Smash and Mario Kart 8 look fantastic, they could of done a LOT more in my opinion. Nintendo are definitely being overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft. Hopefully we'll get another one, but I'm not hopeful.

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Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze? Sounds like either a DK licensed deodorant or splurpee flavor.

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tbh it seems that after E3 2011 nintendo fails to impress, next year they should go back to a press confrence

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How much will Gamestop give me towards a trade-in credit for a PS4? I kid obviously, but color me disappointed.

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I had to rewatch the Direct on youtube after the stream froze with 8 minutes to go right around the time it should have ended. I guess it lagged so much it was 8 minutes behind when it ended, and then they just cut off the stream rather than letting us watch however much we had left to stream. Funny how I couldn't watch it lag-free at 240p but I could stream it from youtube at a higher quality no problem. Next time I'll just look for the youtube video rather than wasting my time counting on Nintendo to stream it properly.

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