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Time for some Sony love as well

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"So there are actual ancient battles which took place in ancient Japan.. here's a giant enemy crab..."

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slapshot82 wrote:

Now the bad, The Forza demo, oh it looked amazing and the steering was working BUT DID YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOU CANT ACCELERATE AND BRAKE? Did they really expect gamers to MISS that?

I can't believe I missed that. That really is weird.

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Swiket wrote:

Before we watch Nintendo's press conference, let's take a look back.

That was just Worst Nintendo E3 Conference period. Cathy Dunway and Wii music destroyed them
Last years was better, but this year will be amazing



Swiket wrote:

Before we watch Nintendo's press conference, let's take a look back.

Ha I've seen that before! Wonder if Miyamoto buys his mario shirts at a random retail store lol!

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The moment of truth is so close! PLEASE MAKE ANIMAL CROSSING 3DS BE TRUE! Remember guys, expect a name change for the 3DS, your all gonna hate it, but then love it. Like the Revolution-Wii thing. (That playstation 3 and wii music videos were priceless, the second he said, "it is a big financial investment, but we will take a risk" Sony lost half of their PS3 sales. lol.

Xbox 360 presentation was WEAK!

Kirbys will eat your soul at night.


[quote=slapshot82]Microsofts Kinect is really impressive tech, I dont care what anybody says, its some cool crap. Problem is they cant use it yet in a suffecient way hardly. The fitness demo really impressed my wife as she is a big EA Active Fan, but the Dance Central demo was seriously incredible. That is one of the most innovative concepts ive seen in gaming, and it was working great. Not to mention its by Harmonix (RockBand dev) so its no suprise they put it together. The Kinectibles is something I will prob buy the system for when I have children if it ends up working right that is, as the girl did an amazing performance but it was also well scripted and the actual gameplay was hard to see, nonetheless it was still an amazing demo.......

Now the bad, The Forza demo, oh it looked amazing and the steering was working BUT DID YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOU CANT ACCELERATE AND BRAKE? Did they really expect gamers to MISS that? This is LOW BS by Microsoft. Racing games are all about Apex control, learning the tracks, brake control and powering out of corners. Kinect just allow steering and nothing else but some motion gimmick to cover all that up. That was BS, and I hope you other gamers realized that crap. What did he say, the project dev himself of Forza, one of the most incredible racing game series of all time. "Kinect is the future of racing games" or something like that. This is coming from one of the leading racing SIMULATOR games project dev! SIMULATION...... dont you have to brake and accelerate to be a SIMULATION?

I believe if you watch the previous Kart demo they push forward and back for Acceleration and breaking so yes you can do either of those not sure about the gear changing.



Actually, I stand by the fact that Wii Music was an extraordinary piece of software and pointed in the direction music games should have gone after that point. The E3 presentation itself, however, did not do a good job of explaining the game.

What I took away from the Wii Music debacle is contrary to what others seem to have learned: it's a reminder that the gaming corners of the web often don't have any clue what they're talking about. So, even if the E3 presentation is panned on the web, that isn't an indication of a whole lot.

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Enough said.
But still not as bad as Nintendo's Wii Music display.


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Looks like he was doin more of a chicken dance



Anyone else watching Nintendo's E3 live stream

Kirbys will eat your soul at night.


Wii Music was awesome. >: (

And Pac Man's new game... is a party game... >.>



Nintendo is doing great



Damn. Nintendo sure is doing a hell of a lot better than it has in a long time. Though I got a good chuckle of how little applause Wii Party got. The new Kirby game looks damn good, and I'm also very much looking forward to DKC even though the subtitle 'Returns' is so BLEH! I really didn't expect Nintendo to show so many franchise titles. Zelda looked a bit unresponsive though; I do hope controls will end up working better than in the presentation.

The 3DS does seem to be pretty impressive. I'm looking forward to hands-on impressions. I wonder what they use for storage especially since they mentioned 3D movies for it as well. The 3D camera could be pretty cool.

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Nintendo, you've just made an amazing conference. Fantastic job.

Anyone who thinks Nintendo E3 2010 sucked needs to rethink.


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This was the best E3 since 2007. Well I enjoyed last years E3 also, still this is the BEST E3 presentation in years. The 3DS is indeed the BEST electronic device this year since the Apple introduced the iPad. Indeed, I'll be buying the Nintendo 3DS before I even think about buying an iPad. Hopefully the Nintendo 3DS will get a Christmas 2010 North American/ Eropean release date if not a Q1 2011 release date. It was also nice to see that Kid Icarus and Star Fox will be on the Nintendo 3DS.

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This was the strongest Nintendo E3 showing in years. I mean, Donkey Kong Country, a new Kirby with one of the coolest visual approaches ever, Wii Party, a new GoldenEye and offf course the new Zelda and 3DS.

And then there was more Metroid, Golden Sun and some promising third party support.

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