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The big week is coming! Anyone wanna predict the surprise titles from the big three? (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft)

I'm most hyped to see the 3DS and what it is capable of! Anything and everything about E3, software, add on's, anything, belongs here!

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I want another 2D Mario (either Wii or DS).

Best thread ever.
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I doubt Nintendo is going to do much (if anything) with Mario this year. Last year was ALL about Mario, and most gamers have had their fill. But hey, I can still dream for Super Mario Sunshine 2!

Kirbys will eat your soul at night.


I am an ONM subscriber and was due thw latest mag last Friday. However, the mag have delayed the release of the latest issue till 16th June (mid E3) to keep from spoiling some kind of major new game surprise!

Can it be Star Fox Wii?

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Reggie has just been fired, we kick of the show demonstrate the new Nintendo 3DS that has built-in coffee machine and better graphics than a Xbox 360 and PS3, then we are demonstrating the new Wii Remote, Aninmal Crossing 3DS, Stafox Wii, Zelda Wii, Pikmin Wii and many more.



nintendo might impress us. 3ds looks ok, but i doubt it will have graphics better than a gamecube. 3d is just a fad that needs to go away. natal and the move are garbage and nintendo will give us some crappy family friendly games aswell as (hopefully) star fox wii, kirby wii, fzero wii and some AWESOME sequels!

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Top 5 things I want to get my hands on:

1. 3DS
2. Golden Sun DS
3. Zelda Wii
4. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals
5. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Everything else will just be gravy.

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Rusty_Nail wrote:

Reggie has just been fired, we kick of the show demonstrate the new Nintendo 3DS that has built-in coffee machine and better graphics than a Xbox 360 and PS3, then we are demonstrating the new Wii Remote, Aninmal Crossing 3DS, Stafox Wii, Zelda Wii, Pikmin Wii and many more.

Lol, nice one Rusty_Nail.

My top 5

2-Animal Crossing 3DS
3-Kirby Wii (or anything Kirby)
4-Zelda Wii
5-Whatever surprise Nintendo throws our way!

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Kirbys will eat your soul at night.


What I'm excited about for E3 2010 (as far as Nintendo):

1-Animal Crossing 3DS. I'm actually more excited about this than the system itself. IF this game is awesome looking, than I will definitly be buying the system! IF they do not announce an AC for 3DS, the chances of me buying a 3DS go down a lot. Oh and if its just AC: CF, WW or GC in 3-D, than its doubtful I'd get it. Ya, my expectations are high for this game. lol.

2-Zelda Wii. Oh man, this will be awesome, I'm sure of it. Unless Nintendo does something crazy and makes it too casual or something. I don't think so though. I think this will be the game that'll save Nintendo's E3 for me if 3DS and Crossing disappoint.

3-Dragon Quest 9. Looking forward to getting this next month and can't wait to see more footage of it at E3!

4-Metroid: the Other M. I was disappointed that this game was delayed till August. Hopefully, though, this means that they've been improving the game and making it even better! Can't wait to see more of this game.

5-3DS. I admit that I'm more interested in this now that ACDS is rumored. The system still has a lot to prove to me. I really want it to be awesome though. I think Nintendo NEEDS to have a great E3 this year. The last 2 E3's haven't been that great for Nintendo, imo.

Other stuff: looking forward to seeing more of Golden Sun, maybe a StarFox, Pikmin, and of course, I hope Nintendo has a lot of suprises! (yet again I wish they'd bring out a new Earthbound. I don't care for what system. 3DS, DSi, Wii, DS, whatever, just bring one out Nintendo!)

As far as the other systems, I also have a PS3, so here's what I'm excited about for that system:

1-LittleBigPlanet 2-Looks good, but sounds GREAT! Can't wait to see & hear more about it.
2-Sony Suprise game-Last year we got Modnation Racers which really blew me away. Here's hoping this year we either get a new really cool Create/Play/Share game (Animal Crossing-ish game for the PS3? Yes please! Especially if Nintendo doesn't deliver) or a suprising new action or rpg game.
3-New Castlevania-This game looks very, very cool.
4-PSN+-I am interested in this new pay service. I think it has some interesting sounding features. IF its not too high and it looks to add a lot, I would consider getting it.
5-Suprise title-I'm sure Sony will have at least one or two suprise titles this year that will have my jaw on the floor.

And while I don't have a 360, I do want to learn more about Natal and hope its not just a gimmick (starting to look more like it is though). Also want to see footage of Mass Effect 3 and Fable 3!


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1. Zelda Wii
2. Zelda Wii
3. Zelda Wii
4. Metroid: Other M
5. Zelda Wii


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Okamiden outshines everything.

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I can't wait to see animal crossing 3DS! I hope, it adds new content though.

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Kirbys will eat your soul at night.


Link-Hero wrote:

1. Zelda Wii
2. Zelda Wii
3. Zelda Wii
4. Metroid: Other M
5. Zelda Wii

I can see somebody is excited for Metroid.
I want a new Paper Mario game. One that aint darn platforming, I want my turn based battle system back.


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I bet besides of Metroid, Zelda and Pikmin, there'll be an old franchise game coming out again for the Wii.
Let's see:
Super Mario RPG: Not gonna happen, Square is acting silly now.
Kid Icarus: Too old, too rusty, adding enough mechanics to be a next-gen console game would be too complicated.
Star Fox: Miyamoto aches to make a Star For Wii game happen, and the controls would make sense too.
Kirby: Kirby indefinitely deserves another 2.5D game, and there has been footage of it years ago. Plus, the abilty-mix mechanics are instant gold.
Paper Mario: There's already a Paper Mario game for the Wii, so I tend to "No".
F-Zero: One of the best racing franchises ever. It would make sense to release it, to compete with all of those racing games for the HD-consoles. Then again, I doubt this would be compatible for family gaming.
Any Rare Game: NO WAY.
EarthBound: Yeah, but it would make more sense to release it for DS.

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5: Okamiden
4: Any new Capcom game (DarkStalkers anyone.....)
3: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, oe any other Kingdom Hearts game for that matter
2: Zelda Wii
1: Kirby Wii (HAS to happen)

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My E3 surprise games predictions, not necessarily what I'm hoping, just random guessing of what I think is more likely:

wii - Kirby
DS - brain training game
3DS - Nintendogs 2



I'm hoping Nintendo will surprise us with something that most of us never expected. There is a rumor mentioning that Retro might be making a new Donkey Kong game, which would be pretty awesome if it was true. There's also the "New" Kirby game that we were reminded of and a chance of seeing a new Star Fox. I personally just want to be really surprised by what Nintendo shows.

And on a side note, I personally hope that Valve will announce that they'll be having a beta test for the co-op portion of Portal 2. It was hinted at through the ARG and it would be a good benchmark test for some people (including myself).

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Top 5 things I am Excited for...
5. Golden Sun DS
4. Other M
3. New Mario Party
2. Kirby Wii
1. Zelda Wii

Can't wait till Thursday.



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