Topic: Dogs or Cats? Which do you prefer?

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I prefer cats! Dogs, imo, are stupid, they stare at you funny, slobber all over you, bark at the worst times, eat your food, 'love' your leg, and they get all up in your face.. Don't get me wrong, I understand they make a better companion, can do tricks, and you can ride them like a horse.. but, they are just not for me

Cats are more sophisticated and don't do any of the things I listed as negatives for dogs.

Which do you prefer?

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Dogs are usually more "what can I do for you?", while cats are more "what can you do for me?"

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I choose this existing thread drew. >:3

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Cats are dang lazy unless it's for something to their benefit. Dogs, in my experience, seem happier to just wake up in the morning. Also, I love the loyalty of dogs. Mine comes up to me whenever he thinks something is wrong with me and he's usually right!


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Ty BadKitty! I cannot find the search funtion on this website

Umm.. What are you supposed to write here.. O.o

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Dogs are usually more caring, affectionate, and playful. It's even been proven that they're smarter than cats.

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BadKitty wrote:

I choose this existing thread drew. >:3

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