Topic: Does your girlfriend have to be a gamer?

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Assuming most of you are guys.
Does she have to be a Nintendo fan as well? What if she's a Playstation or Xbox fan?



If she plays Playstation, you should break up with her, obviously. For all we know, whatever bug has caused her to like this disgusting platform could be an STD.

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That depends. If she's not a gamer, can I get one with bigger boobs? 'Cause she's going to have to bring something to the table.

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my girlfriend and i have been in love for almost 2 years, and she tolerates games. i want to write script for them for a living, and she supports me in that, so that's all i need. she originally didn't want games in our house when we get married, but i convinced her that my fondest childhood memories are of playing Super Mario World and Street Fighter II with my dad, and she's okay with it now. really it depends on how much you care about her, and how much you care about gaming, and how harshly she feels about it, and if you're willing to sacrifice one for the other.

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i hope to god she is when i get one. and not one of those girls that obsessively plays "bejeweled" online
and on that note i concur with adam about the playstation thing

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No. I'd rather my girlfriend weren't a gamer, actually. It would be nice if she could put up with my gamer-ness, and if she would play Wii Sports with me every now and then, that'd be cool, but she's supposed to be the "other half" of you, so I celebrate the differences. I haven't had a girlfriend in two years, and my last girlfriend wasn't a gamer, but we had a great relationship.

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I don't have a girlfriend, nor am I planning to have a love relationship right now. But, if I had, then I wouldn't mind if she'd play games other than the ones from Nintendo. But that's just hypotheticals talking.

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Does she have to be a gamer? No. Can she bitch about the fact that I'm a gamer? No.

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No, but do not let her take your gaming from you. Personally I gave up on relationships. I just go on the occasional dates and stuff. If the one comes along one year or one lifetime, I might maker her my girlfriend.



Yeah, probably. If she's going to be spending lotsa time for me, it'd be beneficial for her to be a gamer. We'd just be more likely to get along with each other if that were the case. I may actually prefer it if she wasn't a Ninty gamer, though. Her and I could branch out with each other if that were the case. I can introduce her to Fire Emblem and she can get me in on Final Fantasy XIII.

Another related point: she must at the least have mostly positive feelings on Golden Sun. You may find this just Feenie being an idiot again, and it is, but seriously, if she's a gamer but doesn't like GS, it's not gonna work out between us, plain and simple. So yeah, I'm done ranting for the moment.

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Eh, not really

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short answer, yes. long answer, it would be very difficult if i had a girlfriend who didnt play video games. in fact it would be nearly impossible. games are my main hobby and past time, if she doesnt play them then weve got nothing in common. maybe anime but thats different. i dont know how it could workout if she wont play something with me. and it wouldnt matter what system she played, cuz im multi-platform myself.

EDIT: and like what feenie said, if she has ANY negative feeling towards persona 3 or 4, i seriously doubt i would work.

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@Adam lol great post. unfortunately I don't think some people caught the sarcasm.

As long as I have enough other things in common with her I wouldn't game if a girl is into games.

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No, as long as she's no the opposite (hate games etc.)



I've actually never dated a guy who was really into video games until very recently. Perhaps that's why the relationships never worked out?

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No. In fact I probably wouldn't even date a girl that considered herself a "gamer".

I like mine being all cute and ditsy when it comes to video games and playing the occasional Wii Sports or Mario Kart every now and then.



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