Topic: Does Trash Talking Build a Healthy Community?

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Honestly, how is calling someone offensive names going to help build relationships.

Say I meet you for the first time on the streets. Are you going to reply if I said "Hey there moron, what's up?" No, of course you are not. You are most likely going to punch me in the face or sack my nuts. Trash talking couldn't possibly establish a relationship.

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Raylax wrote:

Trash talk is fine so long as the targeted side know how to take it as a joke, and it isn't done with any genuine malice.

Yea, pretty much this.

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Before joining Nintendo Life, I was part of another community (not video games; another enthusiast hobby), and it was the most civil discussion board I knew of. On occasion, however, heated debates led to things being said, and over the two years I was there, I saw some influential and valuable members of the community who had been there for years leave for good. The forum wasn't the same without them, all because of these arguments being taken too far.

I think trash talking is fine to direct at companies, like capcom, but not at individual people. There is no way to judge how any individual will take it, and you may end up sending the wrong person away. That is not to say that you can't tell someone there is a problem or they have their facts wrong, etc., but make it more of a polite reminder instead of insulting them. As for the argument that it psyches people up to play their best at games, that isn't true either. People can play to win without needing to be trash talked. If anything, it will only serve to frustrate people and prevent them from thinking moves through.

There is one kind of trash talk that I think is alright, and that would be where, for example, someone trash talks a pokemon and calls it useless, or something similar in that regard. You would probably want to prove them wrong by beating that person with it, etc. Suprising people by shattering their perceptions about something in a game, etc., is very satisfying, and one could argue that that motivation and desire to prove them wrong would not exist without that initial comment trash talking it.

I'm not trying to give the impression of being overly sensitive, I'm just pointing out what I've seen first hand. I believe if it is not directed at people, it's fine, but otherwise it will just prove to be more divisive than anything.

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Raylax wrote:

Trash talk is fine so long as the targeted side know how to take it as a joke, and it isn't done with any genuine malice.

Not even 'understand it's a joke'? Simply taking something as a joke doesn't make it alright in the first place - and nor does it strengthen the bond between people. If it comes down to no one trash talking, or everyone learning how to 'deal with it', guess which one sounds less stupid?

theblackdragon wrote:

Trash talk is for stressful situations and competitions, not building a community. You can take that other person down off their peg without resorting to insulting his or her parental lineage and/or their level of adherence to stereotypical gender roles.

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I guess it depends what kind of community. If it's a community of heinous villains and evil masterminds, then trash talk likely would help. Engaging is such activity would help them practice for their evil taunts during various showdowns with heroes. Trash talk would also shatter any noobs who show up in the community. Breaking them while they're exposed and weak will cause them to grow bitter and hateful to the world. In time, they will become insensitive, heartless villains, just like the rest.

However, we aren't evil (for the most part) or 4chan, so it's probably a terrible idea to engage in trash talk here on NL.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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If it's a community of heinous villains and evil masterminds

i was watching dr. horrible last nite and your post made me think of the ELE (Evil League of Evil). bad horse, bad horse...

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stop it!
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