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The last two gaming forums I was on I got banned from for going against staff for challenging them on why the allow and tolerate and facilitate the trade/sale of reproduction video games and copyrighted content.

Repros are a glorified word for a bootlegs. It's illegal and it's copyright infringement. These sites stated in their terms of service that they do not allow piracy related content on their site. If the original content owner had the licensing rights or permission to make the repro it would be redundant to call them repros let alone mark them as such.
So when I saw lots of people buying and selling repros and telling people where to get illegal roms and emulators I started reporting people to Nintendo Anti piracy as well as other piracy organizations.
Long story short the last ban I got was for saying this. Mind you this was a permanent ban not a infraction, warning or even suspension. I had never even been suspended on the site before. I as well as other members of the community believe it's because of my anti-piracy views and how I was getting on people about it. I say that based on what I see form other comments already on the situation.

My comment that got me supposedly banned. Even though everyone who isn't blind knows why.
I think the problem is you probably got your butt kicked in endless rounds of goldeneye. Or you're one of those people I was talking about. Hand them a new N64 game they never played and the N64 control and it's like watching a woman learn to drive. Running into every wall possible and has no control over the character or game.

I want to know does this community condone illegal piracy or does it forbid it? I don't want to be part of a community that deals with piracy related content.

I have many good sites like cheap ass gamer and gamefaqs and gamespot and others that won't tolerate it.

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We do not. And if you see anyone discussing it (it happens sometimes) let us know and we'll take care of it.




I haven't seen you around the site before, so welcome to Nintendo Life. Did you just get banned from the other site? Your decision to play the role of arbiter for justice sounds like a lonely road; perhaps your hard line stance made other users feel attacked, which over time could build a case for a ban. Just speculation my part, of course.

The woman driver thing, while humorous, is also sexist and cliche. I'm a guy, but that's my opinion - before someone else tells you the same.

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Our community rules do not allow discussion, so no we don't condone it.

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OptometristLime wrote:

The woman driver thing, while humorous, is also sexist and cliche. I'm a guy, but that's my opinion - before someone else tells you the same.

He's probably like me, where everything he learned about life comes from Disney movies.

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What lz and Phil have said is true, our Community Rules specifically prohibit user discussion of piracy, ROMS, emulators, etc. and so forth on our forums and in unrelated article comment threads. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly so that we may discuss your concerns. Thank you! :3

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