Topic: Does Nintendo need a new iconic character?

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I like the Mii Mascot, it is brilliant.

Also, Wuhu Island!

IGN: The holiday Wii lineup looks thin for the hardcore crowd. We see this. Gamers see this. What, if anything, is Nintendo planning to address it?

Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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Sneaker13 wrote:

It's funny though. I read an article somewhere (don't know where anymore) about how people would react if Mario was introduced right now, as a new IP.

I just stumbled on the article.

Very interesting read and I couldn't agree more.

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Starfy, need I say more. More Jill Dozer adventures would be nice too.

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I feel like Nintendo should keep doing what they're doing, which is keep rotating some Nintendo characters with other characters so that the life of the characters are expanded. To be honest, I think that characters like Mario and Pikachu (more like Pokemon in general) will live shorter than Samus and Kirby. Why? Because Samus and Kirby have had very little games compared to Mario and Pikachu. I fear this may also happen to Zelda. Look at the how many years we've had without a Zelda game in the last 4 years. So far we've only had 2008 without a Zelda game, and that includes the VC as well.

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Majora wrote:

. Do you ask to Disney to change his mascot? This is the same.

That means it is time to replace Mario then. Disney's mascot used to be Rodger Rabbit, AKA, not Mickey.

I say yes, Mario needs a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong break.

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Nintendo almost has too many mascots... And still, some still deserve even more publicity and games like Captain Falcon ;-D. They even could make games around The Hunters from Metroid Prime DS, Star Fox members (like it already happened in SFA) or complexer developed Pokemon like Lucario.



Wow this is an old thread coming back lol.....

Stary honestly dissapointed me. I don't like the way the American release turned him into a very almost laughable character. It way overdone. I really like the import versions I wasnt impressed with The Legendary Starfy. I dont think him being a new Iconic Character would be a good thing for Nintendo.

I Would like to see Captain Falcon make a return as well. I also would like a new Luigis Mansion Please.

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slapshot82 wrote:

I also would like a new Luigis Mansion Please.

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I don't know. Starfy, maybe? Or if not Starfy, Lugi. Or if not Luigi...don't be mad, please!!!

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