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yeah it rly sucks i agree with most of you guys... for me its when your on a cut scene and your all into it yet someone start calling you and asking you about something and wont shut up -.-

or these:

  • batteries die or half for some reason your control turns off on you(happens often)
  • ppl passing by blocking the screen
  • phone call
  • neighbor is knocking on the door and your the only one home
  • your waiting in the lobby of a game for the host to start and just went the match starts to load host quits
  • same as above host quits half way in a very good match -_-

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i hate when im playing wii and someone walk rigth in front of tv mess up my view...

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wifi going down during a match
a bunch of people trying to talk to you at once when your at one of the more dificult parts of a game
a friend looking over my shoulder saying DIE DIE DIE with a huge smile on her face
someone sneaks up on you while your playing your 3ds and then just grabs you by the shoulders causing you to drop it cus you freak out (sometimes you might hit them in the face or stomach on "acident" cus of how they did this so that usualy resolves itself)
someone taking your gameboy out of your bag while your not looking and playing it
your cousin playing your pokemon game gets tired of runing and fighting zubats so he just throws pokeballs at them causing you to lose most of your pokeballs and have a small but unwanted army of zubats
ragequiters during a match on brawl .-. if they dont want to fight me anymore could they at least finish the match we're in before quiting?

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When I'm in a imoortant level and my parents tell me to go to bed...

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When I want to go to bed, but I have to keep playing an RPG for an extra 1-3 hours because the next save-point hasn't showed up yet.

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hated it when I invited friends over to play Wii U, and Nintendo Land decided to start freezing like crazy.

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When people act like theyre smart just because theyre "smart"

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HarmoKnight wrote:

When people act like there smart just because there "smart"


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When people try to talk to me when I'm at a part of a game where I need concentrate or when they try to talk to me when I'm in the middle of watching a cut scene that can't be paused, also when I come home from work and all I want to do is play the new game I bought earlier that day but I'm too tired to play it.

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On the subject of someone deleting your save file. I remember in FF2 for the gba I my sister let me use an additional file on and for days i would get a bit of progress in just past where you meet the princess or king (don't remember) and each day she would accidently save over my save file because when I saved last it would automaticly place the save cursor over my save file because I has saved last and she would just press "a" "a" "a" without looking and wala. I lost my progress everyday cause she saved over my save every time.

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Needing the bathroom.

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