Topic: Do you squash bugs on sight?

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p.s. I only kill if their indoor pest, if it's just one of them indoors, I just move them.

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It depends. I usually leave spiders alone, because I like spiders. But if I see a fly or some equally disgusting creature with wings, it's dead. I don't squish ladybugs because they stink really bad, otherwise they'd be dead too. I hate ladybugs. If it's a scorpion or a hornet or praying mantis or something that is scary-looking and painful to experience, I'm getting the heck away from there.

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Always: biting insects
Sometimes: anything visually nasty indoors
Rarely: any non-biting insect outdoors

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I squash every bug I can find. Luckily they don't usually infest my games, but...

...wait, we're talking about real bugs?

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If I see a roach, I run away from it. I'm serious!



I'm one of those wishy washy vegitarians who feels bad for ages if he accidentally kills a bug. I want to go through life causing as little pain as possible.
Also I hate it when humans ask me "what are wasps for?" or "what are flies for?" They are better for our environment than most of us are.

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i run like a little girl

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