Topic: Do you miss the gamecube days?

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slapshot82 wrote:

I dont miss the Gamecube at all. Its actually the reason I am now big sony Fan.

Same here.

All I had was a Playstation 2 last gen.



tjthebest wrote:

Chrono+Cross wrote:

Well yea, the GC was probably Nintendo`s only console I`ve put so much time into
From my addiction of playing Animal Crossing, PSO, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle to playing Metroid in 3-D, Gamecube was bomb

not quite sure what pso is but i agree i loved the games u mentiond

Phantasy Star Online.

And no, I couldn't say I particularly missed the gamecube days, but the system did give me a lot of happy memories. The first time I played Smash bros. Melee I was blown away. It and games like Metroid Prime and Pikmin are still some of my favorite games. But by 2004 I started thinking "I WANT A PS2 SO BAD!!!!"


Sean+Aaron wrote:

I skipped that entire console generation, so no, I don't.

Same here. And if it wasn't for the VC, I probably wouldn't have a Wii either! But so far, so good, have't gotten rid of it yet!

Fuzzy, Backloggery.


I started with a PS2 (mainly because of Final Fantasy and PS1 compatibility), but moved over to the Gamecube later. Sometimes I think if I (and many others) had gone the other way the Gamecube would have been better. Still a lot of good games on it, regret it being stolen.


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