Topic: Do you like Winter and why?

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I love winter to the point that even in my 20's I still have snowball fights and make snowmen. It's just now my snowmen either have boobies or a penis. Hey, I never said I was more mature.

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i love the winter more than the summer. somehow i am happy when its raining, storming or snowing outside. then i am either sitting in my warmed up room or in the room of a good friend, or i do as well go outside just to enjoy the weather.

I just cannot stand sunny days and heat at all



I love winter and fall. They include My birthday and Christmas! I also hate the heat. +20 outside is just uncomfortable for me, so I don't go out as mush as I should.

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Malouff wrote:

Where are you located cheetahman91 as I noticed you said mountains.

I myself live in Colorado (the San Luis Valley) surrounded by mountains.
We are usually on the news for having the coldest temperatures in the state.
I look forward for the winter to go snowmobiling, tubing, Ice fishing, and and having fun in the snow making and throwing things .

My brother who lives in Denver defienatly loves winter as he gets a snow monitoring job where all he has to do is drive out to the different malls and document how many workers showed up to clean it up and how long it took them. So he gets paid to sit in his truck and watch other people work.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in NC.

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no such a thing as winter in southern california.



I love the winter. Somewhat because I like the cold and hate the heat, but mostly because of how desolate the world looks in the winter. Hardly anyone is outside because of the cold, everything is white, and most of the time, there's some fog. It looks beautiful, with the sun shimmering off the snow, but once it starts to get dark, it becomes desolate and empty. Yeah, absurd reason to like something, but still.

I also like summer, simply because I love rain. Apart from the rain, I hate summer. Too damn hot.

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I like Winter mostly because of Christmas, I do also like watching the ball drop on TV.
It's also nice when it occaisonally snows, down here in North Carolina. (I don't live in or near the mountains so we don't get snow much.)

My little brother is going to LOVE when winter comes, he has recently devoloped a fear of bees, so when they all die during the Winter, he's gonna be really happy.



Even though I like summer better, I still like winter. 1. Because I get to play in the snow ( I like to make snow castels ) and 2. winter time is near Cristmas!

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