Topic: Do you like Winter and why?

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Yes and why not? Winter is such an awesome season.

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Winter is my favorite season. I love walking around the frozen lake near my town in the winter.

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"Winter," the long-awaited possibly-vaporware horror/survival title hasn't come out yet, so I don't know if I like it.

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Where are you located cheetahman91 as I noticed you said mountains.

I myself live in Colorado (the San Luis Valley) surrounded by mountains.
We are usually on the news for having the coldest temperatures in the state.
I look forward for the winter to go snowmobiling, tubing, Ice fishing, and and having fun in the snow making and throwing things .

My brother who lives in Denver defienatly loves winter as he gets a snow monitoring job where all he has to do is drive out to the different malls and document how many workers showed up to clean it up and how long it took them. So he gets paid to sit in his truck and watch other people work.

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yes. because it's cold.

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no. because it's cold. Plus also the days are so short! When it gets dark at like 5:00-5:30 pm, it's so depressing. Where I live, it hovers around freezing a lot, so we don't even get snow much. Mostly sleet, freezing rain, and cold rain, which is gross. (I'd rather have snow, but that would just mean winter would last longer, because it got colder, so I take the sacrifice instead of moving north). I wish I could just hibernate from New Years to March.

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I love winter. I live in Texas so any break from the Texas heat is greatly appreciated.



Why is everyone from Texas? Don't tell me you're all related!

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1. Christmas!
2. No threat of bees! (I have a phobia of them! )
3. Snow!

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I love being curled up in a blanket playing video games

I don't like sweating on my lounge wearing next to nothing playing video games

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I like Spring the most, but winter is nice because it has some great holidays.
but best of all it gives me an excuse to stay in and play nintendo

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I like the cold. I sleep MUCH better when it's cold. In fact, if I could build a tomb somewhere in my house I'd be a seriously happy camper. Perfect place to sleep: cold, damp, and pitch black. (and the smell of fresh earth...mmmmmmmm)

I also dig the snow.

The problem is my wife is the opposite so we've got the heater cranked up, multiple blankets on the bed, etc etc. We have a new car with dual climate control. I suspect she'll keep it hot on her side. I'll keep it cold. And it'll be raining in the middle.



Oh, yeah! Winter is my favorite season. The more snow, the more I enjoy it. There are also little to no insects and spiders, which creep me out. I also enjoy cool, rainy days, like today. It has been raining all day and I love it. The rain just gives me more energy. Snow does the same. Winter also has a very soothing smell to it, theres nothing like stepping outside for some fresh winter air.

That ice storm in 2007 was rough, though. (Kansas) Thankfully, I didn't lose power, but my mother and sister had to go the week without power. Winter can be fun, but it can get dangerous.

Off topic: I don't get people who complain about rain. If there is no lightning, theres no reason to hide indoors. I'm gonna go for a walk; rain is so relaxing.

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i normally like winter due to christmas and my birthday/wedding anniversary all happening, and also because the weather cools off, but we'll see how much i like winter up here in NC. i froze up here this past January, no joke (and no fair laughing at me if you weren't born and raised in a tropical state )... i need to get some nicer warm clothing this year. brr.

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Well I prefer being cold to being too warm, can't stand warm summers more than I can't stand icy winters.



Winter is ok, but definitely my least favorite out of all the seasons. I enjoy it for a little while, but after like a month of it I'm ready for it to be over. I find I'm always a little happier when the weather is nicer and I can do things outside without getting all bundled up. I have to say I am looking forward to drinking some Mad Elf soon though!



No, because it sucks butt.
Now if you want a more detailed reason: Its cold, miserable, you have to worry about slipping on ice (in car or on foot),shoveling out the snow at Fiances mother's house sometimes. It can be hard to drive in too. It's depressing too.

@Theblackdragon: I lived in Hawaii for 3-3&1/2 yrs as a kid. That was great.

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@Ramandus - Nope, we're not related. We just happen to have one thing in common (living in Texas), that's all.

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It's my favorite season, besides spring, summer, and fall. Does that answer your question?

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I'm in the UK .Love winter up to and including xmas and New Year after that I can't bloody stand it ,so depressing -no money,short days and rain,rain,wind,rain wind,snow (not proper snow just stuff that turns into ice within the hour and tries to kill you) rain,rain and yep you guessed it, more rain......Sigh ..I do like a nice cold winter morning though ,when the sun is shining and it's very still and peaceful (probably cause most things are dead (plants etc) or alseep!!.) But we don't get that many of those where I live . i'd like to hibernate between january and march ,....mmmm that'd be lovely

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