Topic: Do you like Lady Gaga's Music?

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I am going to be polite and reply only with 'No'.
However her lyrics are at least better than Pink's. ("Come ta school yo dog,Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff" Who the hell do you think you're fooling!)

No-one can hear Bohemian Rhapsody without singing along.
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i only like pokerface

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She does music now? I kid, but I'm really not a fan of hers.

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FATEM wrote:

I am going to be polite and reply only with 'No'.
However her lyrics are at least better than Pink's. ("Come ta school yo dog,Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff" Who the hell do you think you're fooling!)



It's like, I just love a cowboy
You know
I'm just like, I just, I know, it's bad
But I'm just like
Can I just like, hang off the back of your horse
And can you go a little faster?!


side note and a bit off topic at that...
this "A Place to Bury Strangers" album sounds very much like how I want Red Steel 2 to play
..... if that makes any sense

Some good Aussie musics: King Gizzard, Pond, The Avalanches
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No, absolutely not. I hate that pokerface song which is why I referenced it in the review of that crap poker game.

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I don't even know who she is. My mission to become ignorant to all popular music is coming to fruition.



It's kind of tough here as eventually the most popular of the crap music gets used in adverts.

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@topic - No. I hate her music a lot, especially the Poker Face song.


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Never heard any. But in my crotchety middle age I can confidently predict that I'd hate it with the rarest of passions.

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No, she's a disaster and is further proof that no one really listens to lyrics anymore. She has about as much talent as the Pussycat Dolls which makes sense since she worked with them. Plus, her VMA performance was one of the biggest messes/disasters I've ever seen. All I heard was how great it was going to be and then I saw it was to 'live performances' that 'Daikatana' is to video games.



Wait, wait wait--what she does is considered music?
I hate everything about her. She has no talent, just a well marketed gimmick.

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I'd say on a scale of 1 to 10 her music in general is sort of a 3... Maybe... Not the worst thing ever but given a choice I don't wanna hear it. And if not given a choice it'll annoy me. Also, for the record, she's rather ugly... I'm just saying.


I'll just say no and not even throw in any Adam's Apple jokes about "her".

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I had no idea who this was until a month or two ago. I'd heard her stuff out and about from time to time long before and never said to myself "wow, good song, I wonder who it is," so yeah... To me, she's just another cookie-cutter noisemaker.

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Q. How do you make lady gaga cry?
A. Poke her face.

Q. How do you make her better again?
A. Just Dance, It'll be ok...



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