Topic: Do you know any good video game jokes?

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I'll start off

Q: Why did Mario cross the road?

A: Because he couldn't find the warp zone.

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Q: How do you get 500 Pikachu on a bus?

A: Poke 'em on.

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What's the difference between the Virtua Boy and botched laser eye surgery?

several-thousand dollars and 20 games.

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Why shouldn't you take a bath with a Pokemon?

It might "PIKACHU"!!! (It might "peek at you")

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how did link win the basketball game?
he used his hookshot!

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What's going to happen to the Japanese market when the Wii 2 comes out?!?
Hint: Two in Japanese is pronouned "ni"

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What did Ken respond when Guile asked to borrow his lawn mower?
SHORYUKEN! (Sure you can)

What did Pac-man say when Ms Pac-Man ate his power pellet?

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BleachFan888 wrote:

What's going to happen to the Japanese market when the Wii 2 comes out?!?
Hint: Two in Japanese is pronouned "ni"

I know!!! Wiini!!! LOL!

Here's one (It's kinda corny):
My cat likes pink pokemon. Know why?
He says "Mew".

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Why do you never make Captain Falcon mad?
FALCON PUWNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What did Link say when e found the Triforce?

Why do we not use blast processing now?


My friend said "Peek" and then sneezed.

Q: What do you call the Nintendo Wii in France?

A: The Nintendo Yes.

Q: Out of all the Nintendo Characters, who sucks the most?

A: Kirby.

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