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Slapshot wrote:

BUT I will say this....both my doctors are getting out of medicine if the Health Care Reform does actually happen and me and my wife will prob be leaving the US.

Do you mean if the new health care system is repealed by the Republican Party, or if Obama's bill is implemented fully?

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I'm a bit nearsighted, I laugh at inappropriate times(Example, in the middle of church) for no real reason sometimes, and I'm not all that great at being social sometimes; I'll say/do something and then realize that it wasn't a good idea when I'm around other people, or even on a chatbox. A lot. Really, I think most people think I'm somewhat crazy. I have this weird way of thinking about everything that's hard to explain. It's not really too much of a disability, but sometimes it's hard for me to get along with other people, because they don't know what I'm talking about.

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Well I used to have a Hypothyroidism. (might still have it but its in remission)
Its not a disability per say but i'm always freaking tired and super cold or super hot and it makes it hard for me to do stuff when I feel cruddy all the time.
Also when i'm in a youth group activity I get winded really easily.

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Guys, this isn't a 'more ______ than thou' thread. If the idea that someone posting in this thread may not be as afflicted with a given disorder than you and stil presents themselves on your level bothers you, please move on. if we could keep this thread focused on disorders and/or disabilities that you personally have and not whether or not someone else is truly suffering from something or not, I'd greatly appreciate it — and so would others who may be timid about expressing themselves in this thread.

Also, if we could steer clear of politics, that would be awesome.

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IDK, but sometimes I catch myself being ADD while typing, but not while I'm actually talking... It's weird

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I have 3 herniated disks on my spinal cord, thanks to professional wrestling I also have a bad knee and a bad ankle both on my right leg thanks to high school basketball. Although I don't have a limp(yet) it hurts a lot especially on cold days.

My back hurts a lot especially when i'm sitting down, and if that chair doesn't have the back part it's murder on me

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@Birdman Then my suspicions are correct then, didn't want to sound like I was just making up conspiracy theories.

It seems to me a lot of people don't actually understand certain disabilities even if they think they do. A lot of people assume autism only applies to those who can't walk or speak and people with really mild autism are just "slow". OCD is the same way many people associate it with being a neat freak to the point they call it being OCD about things. One of my aunts actually thought I had it because I washed my hands a lot, cause apparently people don't normally wash their hands after eating, using the restroom, or handling anything dirty.

@Jon_Talbain I know what its like, ADD and depression aside. Boy did it make English classes hard. I don't obsess either, not like most people do anyway. For example I'm currently looking into getting contacts so I'm reading up on them as much as I can, but only for research purposes so I'm more like a scientist obsessed with his work. My doctor actually diagnosed it based on the physical problems that can come with it.



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CowLaunch wrote:

Yeah, I have also become a little weary of people who claim to be 'slightly dyslexic', 'sightly autistic', or even 'slightly bi-polar' (how can you be slightly inclined to veer to extremes of mania and depression?)

I personally used the word slightly because it sounded weird to say the word mild twice in the same sentence.
@Happy_Mask Thats not exactly a disorder, more so kind of weird that you ate the paint in the first place..

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Happy_Mask wrote:

I ate Paint, and now I feel bad. @[email protected]

This is an actual disorder called "Pica" where you have an appetite for things that aren't food.



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A few years back I was diagnosed with a processing delay of some sort. I can't remember the name of what was causing it (or if there was anything causing it at all), but it essentially makes me stress a bit more on timed tasks and makes me a bit slower at performing non-ordinary actions.

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@Zombie_Balroth - Actually, my statements are based more on stories I've overheard from other people than actual facts or truth. Essentially, take what I said on the same level as anything you watch on Ancient Aliens: There may be some fact or truth in there, but, then again, I may be mistaken.

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I have Asperger's syndrome, and I hate it to death. Why? Kids constantly ask if I need help. Yet I behave like everyone else save for some controller-throwing that happens when I lose in a very tense situation.

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TheDreamingHawk wrote:

I have Asperger's syndrome, and I hate it to death. Why? Kids constantly ask if I need help. Yet I behave like everyone else save for some controller-throwing that happens when I lose in a very tense situation.

That is exactly what people ask me and tell me! A lot of people who don't understand autism act like I'm a creep or something just because I tend to keep my emotions inside and I don't talk that much.

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@Joker/Hawk:...Was wondering how old are you? Because back in Middle/High, that's what would happen to me...not act like I'm a creep, but mainly pick on me simply because I was the quiet/weird one. Dunno about you, but once I hit college everyone left me alone or acted normal towards me...

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Well,I have to wear glasses because I'm near-sighted.At least I got some fashionable glasses,so people won't blindly insult me just because I can't see like them.

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I'm 18. It's not nearly as bad as it was during elementary, middle, and early high school, but there still are some uneducated people who treat me like I'm a creep or a idiot.

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I assume you're rocking the Harry potter specs?
But I don't think people mock us "four eyes" anymore. :3

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