Topic: Do you have a YouTube Account?

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Yeah, I do. I have a few playlists. (No uploads, just a ton of videos organized into playlists.)


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Yes, I do have one!

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Yes I have one.

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Do NOT go to mine. My videos are terrible IMO.



Mine is in my sig. It is filled with Nintendo stuff....only 5 uploads, though.

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I have an account but I do not post any videos or anything. Just mainly watch music videos on there.



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@RandomWiiPlayer: You actually subscribed to me? Awesome, I really apperatice that.

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Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


Yup. I have a few videos right now, expect some footage of Sin & Punishment 2 when it comes out in Japan.

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Nope, I don't. However, I have the next best thing! Somebody else's YouTube account with an oddly similar name! So which one of you guys stole my name and then added "light" to the front? And subsequently insinuated that I was the "dark" PhoenixSage? Huh? Show yourself, fiend, and do battle with me!

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