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I have one, mainly for doing my own video game reviews. What about you guys? Do you have one and what do you use it for mainly?


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I've had my LJ for nearly a decade now (lol, have i really been using it for that long?). I originally migrated to the service along with a bunch of friends from a now-defunct message board, I found my now-husband through LJ, and though I don't really blog half as much as I used to back in high school, I still use it to keep track of friends both old and new, and also to log all my bill information (behind filters, of course, but it's become a surprisingly good way for me to keep track of my finances and confirmation codes for paid bills).

if any of y'all are on LJ, feel free to add me -- mine is friends only, but so long as I can figure out who you are on the forums, I'll add you back. :3

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Nah, I've been thinking about making one though. A gaming one, my life isn't interesting enough to have a real blog.

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No, but I have someday considered making one (or considered making a website); but I just don't have the motivation to do it.

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Yes I do. It's in my signiture.

Why won't anyone comment in my blog? I was hoping someone would reply.

If you're a follower of me, please comment.


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I have one in my sig. I haven't posted on it in a while, though. I'll update it sometime.


Yes I do. But it's mine, for me. I'll make it public one day, maybe, not, dunno.



Yup, don't use it much though.

Link in sig.

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I got myself a blog today after realizing what I could do with this new GameSpot profile thingy I have.

Link is in sig, but be warned: my first go-round contains buckets upon buckets of Golden Sun fanboyism. I thought I should get it off to a proper start.

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Yes and no. I have a deviantArt account, which I use far more as a sort of blog than I do for uploading art. I'm terrible at drawing, actually. Most of my gallery is wallpapers made from official art. I need to go through and scrap a ton of the older uploads, since I'm no longer sure that putting a giant Pikachu on a yellow background and applying a shadow exactly constitutes art. Or work. Or effort.


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Nope, I'm not that vain...

The blog: never has so much been written by so many for so few...

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This is a real good one.

Its Ladyhawke's (New Zealand Singer/songwriter) artist and basically uses watercolors.


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No. My mom has one though. Does that count?

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I gots one I update weekly, I review the odd Japanese WiiWare game often before it gets released elsewhere or I'll stick my own review up where I don't agree with a review on NL (very rare). More frequently I do round-up reviews where I give my views on Virtual Console releases (mostly Japanese) and games that have been reviewed elsewhere that I don't want to do a full-blown review for. I also maintain a review archive where I link to all my full reviews at NL and on my blog. There's a lot of stuff there so do check it out.

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