Topic: Do you go on other Video game forums as well as this?

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Just curious. I don't because I like it here and prefer to stick to one forum at a time. Tried doing three once and I stopped on the other two, weren't very interesting and forum users weren't as friendly or text legible as on here.

What about you guys?


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I hang around 1up as well. My job is boring and I have to have something to do when I'm there.

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This one and this one alone. I don't have much to talk about so this one is good enough for me.



thought you meant websites in general..

sweclockers and is the only other forum I visit then.

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I also go on GameFaqs forums since some of their topics are a little bit more interesting than NL's forums though I really like this one!
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Every once in a while I go on the zeldauniverse forums. But have recently ceased to go there due to the insane number of active members. It gets way to crazy, threads get to be ridiculously long with everyones picture signatures and how many members there are.

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I used to go to GameFaqs a lot, but I just don't have much time anymore.

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I think this is the only one I'm not banned on.

I wouldn't have time though, I don't even come here that much.



I've never been to a forum since N-sider forums, and that kinda ended badly. This is the only forum I go to anymore.

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Nope, not a one. You guys are the only people in the world to sample my unique brand of posting.

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It seems every forum I touch dies, so I just stay here.



zss_shadow wrote:

It seems every forum I touch dies, so I just stay here.

Hope you didn't touch this one

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I used to go to GameSpot.

I got banned from IGN.

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I go to mutiple forums:
Video-Game-Info Forums: It started great and so enjoyable that I used to go there every day. However, many people disrespect my opinion on the Wii, so I don't go on there as often, even thought I still post there.

Crystal Cave: TheSaneRevelation (Formally known as Darknessthecurse and known on the forum as Darkness The Wolf.) runs this forum. It's a good site to go to and I stop by there from time to time, lately, I've been more active. Not as active as this forum, but a good one to check out.

Spax Toon Game Zone: Also a solid site, run by Spax (Formally known as Spax3 before he left Youtube.). The people are usually nice, plus, he still upload videos. But watch out for spammers and hackers, who are led by MulderYuffie.

Team IGN: If you like The Conduit and are into competitive gaming, you'll love this forum! Highly recommend, as it's an good discussion site where we discuss anything about The Conduit. We also have a chat, so you can ask people to join you during a match in The Conduit. It's a little inactive, but still a lot of fun to go to (Please note that this is not part of IGN.),

IGN: The first major site I that I go to regularly. I'm a active person in the forum, you'll find me under SuperSmashBros.Fan. The Super Smash Bros. board is good and I also like The Conduit board. However, the Wii's board is an mixed feeling. On the one hand, it's so active, but on the other hand, it's crawling with Wii haters and we know how much we hate them! Luckily, I don't get negitive responce from them very often, so I still go there regularaly.

Emucation: If you're into emulation like me, this is recommend for you. The forum, led by Adobo (Who's rarely on, but who cares?) is very active and people are very helpful. I have seen no arguements, pulse, you can get emulators from any systems up to the 4th gen system (SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 included.). Join if you support emulators (At least until that game is released on the Virtual Console.). I'm Classic Gamer in this forum.

McLeodGaming: Cleod7, the person responsible for Super Smash Flash and the upcoming Super Smash Flash 2 runs an decent forum. Althought I'm not the most active member. My name is Dark Flash in the forum.

So yeah, I go to lots of forums.


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I once visited a place called MFGG (Mario Fan Games Galaxy) back in 2006, when I was new to forums (it was my first one). However, in November that year, I got banned for something I didn't do. Despite the Mario name, there are a fair amount of Wii haters. Also, there are LOTS of arguments over just about ANYTHING, not just consoles. Go to I challenge you to find a thread of at least 3 pages without an argument or debate. Go ahead. Do it.

I also used to go to a place called Famicom World. However, I got banned early this summer for acting a liiiittle too silly. (I think me posting "Chocolate Rain" and saying it was a gameplay video may have been my nail in the coffin.) The people there are nice, but sometimes they can be uptight pricks. Almost everyone there is a Nintendo (Famicom in particular, not the NES) fan, so no console wars here.

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Nope. I don't like forums. Except one.



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