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Do you enjoy privacy or do you not really care and love to be with friends and family all the time?

Personally I love to be alone to read or play a game or even just to think.
I find my privacy to be very precious and special to my eyes. I enjoy every last second of it.

How about you guys?

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I very much desire to be alone when I'm programming, reading or drawing, but I love having people around when I'm playing games or watching movies.



You and me both, brother.

In fact, I hardly ever hang out with my friends at all. I always prefer to just read a book, play a game, do some drawings, whatever I can do with solitude. Never in my life have I ever felt the need to have people around me all the time. Sure, it's fun to hang with my family, but I need a break sometimes.

However, for some reason, I have a hard time watching movies by myself. I always want someone to watch it with me (unless it's a niche movie, like a Futurama DVD movie or a Mayazaki movie), which is probably why I've never seen very many movies...

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Most of the time. I really do not have many friends.



i`m not really all that close with my family, and have a few close friends. so i`m pretty happy in my own company when everybody else is off doing other stuff.
but on the opposite end of things, i work in a shop, and have to deal with a very wide range of people, whether there nice, rude, smart, dumb, or in between. obviously there are some returning customers which i get on well with, which is nice, because it breaks up the working day when i`m able to chat to random people for a few minutes at a time.
but, really, i think that balancing of my own time and privacy, and time with others is what keeps me from loosing the plot.

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No, i dont like privacy, i want people spying on me everywhere i go, outside my shower, looking at me when im changing, etc. anyway, of course i love privacy, maybe more than others, but who doesnt?

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At first I thought it said "piracy"

Some of the time I like to be private and other times I like to be around other people I know

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I value my privacy very highly-I need at least a few hours of the day to be alone (in the sense that no one is physically around me), because I feel suffocated and uncomfortable if I don't.

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i am always alone x.x;! but its okay i still have everyone on Nintendolife that are my friends so i know in a way i'm not that alone but it is always nice to get a good "hug from people" smirks at PS i'm j/k okay don't panic Seriously i hate big crowds alot of people love them me i'm not that way like 2 or 3 maybe 4 people thats plenty but over 30 or 40 no i'm way too shy...

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Of course I enjoy privacy! I never get enough of it, though, since my stupid brother is constantly spying on me LIKE HE IS RIGHT NOW rageragerage insert angry emoticon here

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I plead the 5th.

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Depending on what I'm doing: reading (leeeeeeeeve meeeee beeeeeeeee), gaming (c'mere), watching TV (depending on who it's with)

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Depends. When I'm playing videos games, I generally like to be left alone. And watching football. Those are two things I do prefer to do alone. But other times I like being with friends and family.

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Who doesn't enjoy their privacy?

I refuse to get a Myspace or Facebook page because I'm used to a degree of space from acquaintances and relatives.

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when im playing video games, I prefer to play in group with my friend, not only i laught ( waayyyy too much), But me and my friend are enjoying playing togeter ! When im drawing, its all diferent : I want to be alone, but i love to show my draw after



I like being with people, but get grouchy if I don't get some peace, and lots of it.



I love privacy. I really don't like parties or hanging around with many people...

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