Topic: Do you buy games for multiplayer or single player?

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When you buy a game, do you weight multiplayer experiences or single player experiences more?

For me, i used to be single player but now i get bored of single player since i dont have a lot of commitment to one game at a time anymore (i dont like playing many single player games at once). So, for me i buy for multiplayer, i love competition, co-op and such that i can do with my friends and not feel like i have to commit so much, i dont care if the single player is short or isnt great as long as there is a good multiplayer to keep me coming back. With too many single player games once its just sits in the corner and gathers dust.

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More Multiplayer like the online



If its a good game, then it doesn't matter that much to me. I do enjoy playing games online such as COD, but an engaging single player experience is important.

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Wii Sports Resort tomorrow wooooh!

That ones gonna provide single and multi goodness me thinks. Yay.



Mostly single player. I never have friends over, my brother hates me, and my parents aren't really gamers. That's why I love online multiplayer.


Single Player mostly. I have just gotten very sick of very fouled mouth little kids to the point of I can barely take playing anything online. Either that or some wanna be cool guy either getting high or acting like it. Just freaking annoying. I think its funny also how some people criticise games like GTA4 or Fallout 3 for being violent or vulgar but yet dont with online games when there is 10x the amount of it online.

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single im the only person in my house who will play games with me so...

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I got water warfare because of online.



Oh well I WILL be buying Fat Princess for multiplayer.

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First the single-player has to sound interesting enough to get my intrest but multi is the clincher for me. I need multiplayer modes for when I finish the game or I'm not that interested.

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I purchase games for many reasons though multiplayer is one thing I sometimes buy a game just for. Like Conduit for an example.
Otherwise a great/fantastic offline (sometimes co-op), story mode is what I usually look into playing.

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I always been more of a soloist myself. It's a good thing, 'cause nobody ever wants to play with me.

I can't say I blame them.

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Mainly single player games since I rarely have friends over, and my family are not gamers...except for my sister...but she's 9,

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Wow, i think we're around a fairly even split here who wudda thunk it (as fred flinstone or barney [from flintstones, not the purple thing] says, can't remeber which one says it lol]

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Well, I generally don't know anybody who'll play games with me, so I usually play solo games. And not just video games, either - I've been devising ways to play D&D on my own for a while now (and I think I've struck gold!)

Of course, when it comes to Mario Kart and Wii Sports, I always have at least one relative on-hand with which to race a couple of laps or bowl a few strikes

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I think I prefer a very deep, engaging single player experience. I'm a sucker for a good story

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I may get secret of mana so me and my bro can play.



Well, I have no siblings that enjoy video games as much as I do, so I buy mostly single player games

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