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Hi everyone, i am creating this question because i want to see how many people believe in ghosts( besides me). So do you believe in them? Feel free to discuss your stories, or pictures you have seen, etc. you can state why or why not you believe but i don't want an argument started. So enjoy discussing.

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Maybe. Considering it hasn't been scientifically proven that we have no soul, I can say there's a possibility.

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I don't know if ghosts are real, but shows about ghost hunters are real hilarious.


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Machamp_King wrote:

Yeah,i mean,If there is a Heven and Hell,then why are ghosts still roaming The Planet?

They come back to mess with you.

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WesCash wrote:

I don't know if ghosts are real, but shows about ghost hunters are real hilarious.

You mean like this one?

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Exactly, lol.
G4 should have just become a ghost hunter network.


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Chrono_Cross wrote:

WesCash wrote:

I don't know if ghosts are real, but shows about ghost hunters are real hilarious.

You mean like this one?

lol, even though i watch ghost hunters that is hilarious. Anyway i will be going to Gettysburg soon so maybe i will see a ghost there.

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In Scooby Doo, the ghost is always Old Man Jenkins.

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I doubt science could prove or disprove this so I'd rather (playfully) believe in ghosts. But not to the point where it would affect my decisions. I'd go into a "haunted house" out of sheer curiosity and I'd hope to see something weird but doubt I would...

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While I do believe in ghosts, I believe the vast majority of reported "hauntings" are misinterpretations of natural occurences.

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Ghosts are not real.

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I believe the human soul goes to Heaven, or Hell based on a person's decision to accept, or not, Jesus Christ's forgiveness for their human sinfulness, & making Him the lord of their life.

That said, I am also of the belief that discovered "ghosts"/"hauntings" are either: A.. Con-job for what/e purpose(s), generally money, B. As @Ecto-1: stated Misinterpreted Natural occurrences, or C. As I believe in both Heaven, & Hell, as I mentioned above, I believe that there are angels, & demons all around us in this world, & that some do take physical forms. I also believe that there people who, by certain practices, can summon what they think is a dead loved-one, but is really a demon impersonating that person. (I know @ this point, most are probably reading this thinking I'm more than a little over-the edge in the head, lol~ It's cool, no harm, no foul. Everyone's free to their own beliefs.)

Again, as always, these are just my beliefs, & I would never want anyone thinking I'm pushing my beliefs on anyone.

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Btw, in keeping w/ the original poster's request(I don't like to argue either.), & the fact that I don't always immediately, if @ all, answer/reply/post again in any given topic, I probably won't be in this topic again, if at all, for a long time. But, that's not a definite. I'm just letting others know I'm not consistent on the NL forums.

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@Captain_N You took the words out of my mouth.

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