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Alright, doods! Line up, this is the seriously cool thread where we discuss Disgaea.

(Okay, I gave that an attempt)

Not much of a Nintendo franchise (There is at least one on a Nintendo system, though), but surely the good folks of Nintendo Life must love a little Disgaea.

Going through the third one now, and watching the anime (actually pretty enjoyable). Some of the best SRPG's out there, IMO.

(I think I'm in the right forum area...)

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I like Disgaea. I played quite of bit of Disgaea DS before I lost the cartridge. The series has a real charm to it, and I love the music and parodied holloween-ish themes and visuals. The gameplay can be too complicated at times, yet that just makes grinding fun, since you can do things differently every battle to see which different strategies work best. Oh, and the Item Dungeons are amazingly fun.

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I'm a fan of the Disgaea games. They're consistent in their quality, and if you're wanting something that will last you a long time, you can count on them. And hey, if you just want a 30 hour story, that's there too.

Best thread ever
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