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RevolverFlare wrote:

Receiving 20 new Swapnotes. Half of which are just pointless ramblings.

HEY!! They take me a long time to draw!

@Retro, exactly... once I turned up in class SO tired that my tutor pulled me aside and asked if I was on drugs!! I wasn't, had just done my weeks essay in one night. LOL

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@DanteSolablood those seem like they take a long time to draw, how do you do it?
I always do essays in one night, but I was never that tired.
I have the same situation you had, an A student, doesn't study really, except in my case in math!

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ClaytonLuigi wrote:

@DanteSolablood those seem like they take a long time to draw, how do you do it?

They take anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour - the main obstacle is the ink meter. Sometimes it really gets in the way, but sometimes it helps! E.G., originally on the Spongebob strip I was going to do Squidward going mad with a shotgun. Then when I realised there was not enough ink to get a second page... I decided to give him the Jill Valentine body and make it work with my running gag. You'll notice that I write "dont mess with Squidwad"... ink was SOO tight I couldn't even fit in ONE more letter 'R'.

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The prompt on the AIMS today,
Somthing about technology or something, it was llllaaaaaammmmeeeee

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I did not get to beat Resident Evil Revalations yet.

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having to sit through 10 hours of school and then have soccer practice which is 3 more hours .

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Being bored. The fact that it is nearly impossible to find a job right now. Having nothing to do all day -.- Having to wait for the release of the Zelda Oracle games on the Virtual Console.



Davy Jones dies at 66.

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Well, I just found out my grandfather died. That certainly put a damper on my day.

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I woke up so late that I didn't have time for breakfast before my dental appointment and I wasn't expecting this but I had to get a tooth removed and I was told that I couldn't eat for at least 3 hours afterwards so I've missed lunch as well. I'm so hungry.

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