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How many disappointments are described here. I try to relate to everything easier. Tired of being upset over trifles. Read the Mantastic Life program аnd learned to appreciate every moment and always be in the right mood. Everyone should have good habits. To understand your goal and the way to achieve it. Everyone has a role. Always need to move in the right direction. Towards your goal. I hope everyone will start sharing their achievements and not disappointments.



Reading that was my disappointment for today. Strewth.

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5am and my day has been great.

Lots of progress on projects and really optimistic for once.

Lie in bed. Stretch my legs to get comfy. Dislocate my right knee.

How do I do that while going to bed?

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Got two new games today (atilla and sine mora) and none is good for me. Really enjoyed shogun 2 but playing attila is just no fun. I dont know i started it and i didnt feel the slightest urge of playing it. Strange. Dont even know the last game i really enjoyed to the end. Sad day.

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My vacation is over and I am leaving New York today. Really don't want to leave, but yeah.

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Tasuki wrote:

My vacation is over and I am leaving New York today. Really don't want to leave, but yeah.

I feel your pain. My vacation ends tomorrow. I really don't want to go back to work. Ugh.

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