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I left my Kid Icarus: Uprising cartidge in a rent-a-car. Now I'll never see it again. 93.0% of a game I spent 63 hrs playing-KABOOSHED

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my 3ds xl stopped working today,the circle pad and d pad and l+r no longer function even though it was fine when i played it last night. i brought it from amazon so i have the option of getting a replacement and losing over £100 worth of downloads from the e shop or sending it to nintendo for repair(under warranty) and paying to post it. that's pretty damned dissapointing, especially as it's only 13 days old

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I think my 3DS is faulty,the screens keeps dimming,for some reason.

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I went to the store to buy a psn card because there was a game I wanted, went home and bought it and then looked around on psn to find another good looking game, found a bundle so I bought that (expecting it was a game with its own dlc), turns out that bundle was a game with dlc for another game (WTF?) so paid extra for a game and both games had nerds online (people who play 24/7) while the first game that I wanted had a online demo that had easy people and then had nerds on the real deal, while I some what did not expected nerds to be on the second game.


The new Club Nintendo reward..

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The new download price for New Super Mario bros 2 is a joke. Its overpriced.

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon being delayed. It's kind of a goof thing though since I don't have to save up for it as soon.



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luigi mansion being delayed and that was one of the big reason i bought a 3ds



wakeing up this moring seening that wack price on new mario lol...

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Waking up and seeing there are no Olympic games on .

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If I don't clean up my comp in a week, I might fall so behind I can't catch up.

Also, I found Dragon Warrior II to be the epitome of all that is bad with Dragon Quest.

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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon delayed till next yeah!!!!!! ;(

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Finally getting Xenoblade Chronicles today, only to get "Unable to read the disc".

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The World Ends With You,is one of the most hardest games to find ever.

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