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@TBD That's awful! It must hurt to know that one of your friends died. I'll have you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

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@theblackdragon That's how I felt when my grandmother died...your in my prayers for you and your friend.

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@TBD That's awful! Sorry for your loss.

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The world sucks >:[ Kitty so sorry dragon
/pounce hugs dragon forever! ;___;

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@TBD I'm so sorry for your loss! You and your friend will be in my prayers.


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@Miss_Dark Yikes! That sounds like a drag. I hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon for your sake.

@theblackdragon I'm sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for you and others that have been affected by this tragedy.

@WildTwinVikings I'd hate to see you leave, man. But if that's really want, then I'll respect your decision if it ever comes to that.

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@TBD I'm sorry for what happened.... and sorry for not having nothing better to say too.....

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@everyone: thanks, guys, i appreciate it. sorry, i just didn't know where else to let it out.
@GustavoSF: don't worry about it, bro — i know all too well how awkward it is to have someone mention that a friend or family member has died and there's nothing you can really think of to say, and i'm sorry to have put you into that situation. just the fact that you spared a thought is enough.

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~hugs dragon~ <3

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While making my microwave ramen noodles for lunch, the flavor packet fell out all over the floor, so I had to eat them plain...

Also, I'm really sorry for your loss, @TBD.


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I'm sorry to hear your loss dragon.



I got moved down from extension mathematics.. idk if its really such a disappointment but ..

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@theblackdragon: I am so sorry to hear about your lost I wish there was something that I could do. For now though my thoughts and prayers go out to you and others who were effected by this tragedy.

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Tasuki wrote:

@theblackdragon: I am so sorry to hear about your lost I wish there was something that I could do. For now though my thoughts and prayers go out to you and others who were effected by this tragedy.

I didn't see her comment, but I would have to say the same thing.

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