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Ah digimon... the horrible pokemon wannabe.

It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool, just like bowties.

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Gregor wrote:

Ah digimon... the horrible pokemon wannabe.

couldn't agree more

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CrimsonFire wrote:

Austroid wrote:


My personal fav Digivice design. Its sleek and simple.

Should've been called the Digipod!

Always liked the design of this digivice


@CrimsonFire I had the blue 1. It was like a tamagotchi with rpg elements XD. I never got to the end do. It worked like a pedometer. after certain steps you battle and eventually evolved. I quickly learn to shake it like a maniac to speed the process. Just before i reach the end, either my battery died or the back of it would fall off, and automatically reseting the game >.<

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CrimsonFire wrote:


I lol'd. Clearly one side is losing creativity.

Lots of newer Pokemon look like Digimon wannabes. The new forms old Pokemon get in X and Y, just scream Digimon to me.

People still call Digimon the copycat?

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