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Ah digimon... the horrible pokemon wannabe.

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Not to come here and judge Digimon Fusion, since I haven't watched it yet, but am I the only one who think the Digimon in it look like they belong in Gurren Lagann instead?

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CrimsonFire wrote:

Austroid wrote:


My personal fav Digivice design. Its sleek and simple.

Should've been called the Digipod!

Always liked the design of this digivice


@CrimsonFire I had the blue 1. It was like a tamagotchi with rpg elements XD. I never got to the end do. It worked like a pedometer. after certain steps you battle and eventually evolved. I quickly learn to shake it like a maniac to speed the process. Just before i reach the end, either my battery died or the back of it would fall off, and automatically reseting the game >.<

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CrimsonFire wrote:


I lol'd. Clearly one side is losing creativity.

Lots of newer Pokemon look like Digimon wannabes. The new forms old Pokemon get in X and Y, just scream Digimon to me.

People still call Digimon the copycat?



Some of the voice actors for the english dub of Digimon Adventure Tri have been announced
Meiko's and Meicoomon's voice actors are Christina Vee(Shantae) and Kate Higgins(Tails).
Izzy's,Tentomon's and Sora's voice actors are the same as the previous series.

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Probably the case but I will say I'm not impressed from what I've seen with my own eyes. For example, the animation and style compared to the original just doesn't click with me.

I suppose I will get around to watching it but for now I dont think I'm missing much. Rather rewatch seasons 1-3 first anyways.

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It has its issues, but it looks better than most of Toei's other stuff, the new arrangements for the old themes are pretty rad and, so far, the story's pretty interesting at least.

I was super iffy on how it looks as well but it looks like it's going to be a pretty good sequel. It's leagues above stuff like Dragonball or Naruto's sequels at least lol

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I know this is old, but I somehow missed this until recently:

CrimsonFire wrote:


"Huh" indeed...I saw the opening for Xros Wars a few weeks ago, and honestly, I thought I was watching the opening for a new Brave series. Honestly, all the new ones were either robots or cosplaying humanoids. They even combine now! Seriously, look at this:

and then look at this:

Heck, now that I look at them, I think they're recycling designs from the Gaiking reboot, which IIRC never did get that final season...


Oh yeah, I'm not complaining, btw. Obviously I was squee-ing the entire time. I just felt like pointing it out.

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FriedSquid wrote:

Nice to know, but too bad I have not heard good things about Tri.

I've heard pretty decent things about Tri, but supposedly it isn't without its flaws.

I love Digimon, but admittedly haven't watched much after Season 4 (Frontier). I only managed to watch part of Savers (college was hectic then), and Xros Wars wasn't appealing to me at all. I didn't really like how all the Digimon combined with each other like Voltron, and would have preferred them to "introduce" normal Digivolution earlier than they did.

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Tri isn't bad, but I got annoyed that they can't give a certain Digimon a damn break. Why does it have to keep happening over and over?

On the flip side, it's great to see the Digidestined getting Mega forms. Finally!! Too bad we've already seen one of them in a previous show though, so it's not new.

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