Topic: Did anyone watch SyFy's Defiance pilot? Any good?

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Tonight I am either going to watch on OnDemand 2 Storage Wars episodes I missed on Tuesday. They were opposite Dancing With The Stars Result show. I am so happy DL left. Or tonight I will watch Defiance which is also on OnDemand if its any good.

Tomorrow though I will definately watch Body of Proof which stars Dana Delany
which is a fairly good crime drama.



Funny, I was just asking people the same question earlier today (not here of course, but people I know irl). All of them apparently missed it. It doesn't help that the premier was 2 hours long and everybody had to go to work in the morning, myself included...

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Its 2 hours? I may watch Storage Wars since I have to get up early tomorrow. I am going to a fleamarket and you need to get there pre8am or forget it the good stuff is picked over.



Defiance seems like its going to be good.
I'm not big watcher of TV but seems they could take this show in numerous directions based on the set-ups created in the pilot.

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