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I ordered Wolverine and the X-Men Season 1 from Canada (since they don't sell the whole season in 1 package in America). Well, it seems it is now in limbo in Cincinatti, Ohio, with a customs clearance delay. It's estimated arrival date is tomorrow. I've looked up information on clearance delays and it seems that DHL is very bad for this. I ordered the product from

Has anyone else had a problem out of this company? I have my fingers crossed that I don't have to do anything other than wait an extra day or two longer to get my package. Who knew customs were worried about DVDs



Customs clearance, that's not really a shipping carrier problem. Customs pretty much does what they want to do and delays shipments for however long they want.

As for DHL, my company used to use them and they were pretty much terrible. They used to ship domestic but they cut off their entire domestic services and now only ship international. They would lose packages and sometimes the items we shipped would end up being broken. Me and my coworker had to file damage claims about once a week.

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Oh okay, either way I probably won't ever buy from a different country again, thats pretty lame to hold back a dvd.



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