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like several other Nintendo Life users i also have a Deviant Art account, this thread is to share accounts and also so i can get comments/improvements on my work, also, if someone wants me to draw something for them i will (and i will NOT draw anything explicit (aka porn) but i hope that i didn't even have to say that...
(super mega awesome link!!)
EDIT: advise will help, too, as my coloring is terrible...

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my deviantART backloggery!
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my pwnage channel
check out my fanfic!
im not dead...just in college...aka worse
all hail lord veigar!


Here, is mine:
I haven't been very active over the summer, hopefully that changes in a month. I make comics there. And have two video game-related ones. #99 has Mario, and one of the older ones has Link.

Check out my classy comics.


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