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This is a game where you post a character from either(,Video games,Anime,Cartoon,ect.)

You post the character for example Mario, and say what his basic abilities are like,a plumber who can shoot fire and jump high(This is to inform the person who may not know what character you are talking about.)You then tell how he can defeat the above character.Let's Say the above character is Kirby.
Mario will then jump over him then burn him to a crisp.


Above: Kirby, a pink puff ball that can copy the opponents ability by sucking them inside his stomach

Below: Mario a plumber who can shoot fire and jump high.Mario will jump over Kirby then burn him to a crisp.

the next guy will then talk about their character and say how he can defeat the aboves character

Now the guy below me will tell us a little about his character and say how he can defeat Mario

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He throws fire at the advancing Mario. Then, when Mario is on the bridge, he pulls the drop axe himself and watches Mario fall into the lava.
That wouldn't keep Mario from using an extra life, so rinse and repeat for as many lives as Mario has.

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Link. Highly skilled swordsman, and proficient with other tools. Super strength (Gold Gauntlets), super speed (pegasus boots), magical sword (Master Sword), Mirror sheild (Hylian shield can safely endure volcanic eruption, as seen in OoT. Mirror shield is even more powerful, and can absorb & deflect magical energy), different elemental arrows, etc.

Link redirects Bowser's fire with mirror shield, freezes him with ice arrow, and shatters him to pieces with a swipe of the Master Sword.


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MU(Fire Emblem) a master tactician who is able to use diffrent type od magic such as Wind,Fire and Thunder.He also can use swords.

MU uses many magic attacks from a distance.Since he is a good tactician he is able to get around the advantages that Link has.


Olimar has the assistance of numerous Pikmin species, each with their own special abilities including elemental properties.

Olimar is able to outsmart the MU by taking advantage of the Pikmin's individual immunites to the MU's magic attacks. After all the MU's tomes are used up, the Pikmin overwhelm him/her through sheer numbers.

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Samus has access to powerful weapons such as missiles and power bombs, the ability to combine beam attacks such as charge, ice, light and wave, and is protected by a suit which protects against numerous attacks, heat and grants her super speed.

After Olimar commands his Pikmin to swarm Samus, she lays down a power bomb which wipes out the majority of the Pikmin. Any stragglers are simply squashed by her immense size compared to the Pikmin and Olimar (Olimar being only 3.9 cm tall)

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