Topic: Denise Kaigler for Nintendo Spokesperson!

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Seriously, Nintendo of America should just make her their official voice. I don't mind Reggie, I loathe Cammie (for obvious reasons), but I love Denise's genuine responses when I see/read interviews of hers. Case in point: Gametrailer's E3 Interview. Please, Nintendo, do the smart thing and let her do the next E3 presentation. Cammie has the habit of making everything look much less exciting.

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Yes,NOA should get rid of Cammie right away. She even made E3 2009 a little dull when she appeared!



Cammie is the dullest and most business like spokesperson EVER! I don't know what Ninty was thinking besides "hmmm... our crap sells itself. We can put any mindless hag we want up there..."

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