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Well, it's out, or out in a couple days I guess. Even though it is Deadpool, I'm still surprised they went for a full blown M rating. I think my interest in this has faded :/

Launch trailer

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I would probably buy it like I did Duke Nukem Forever when it lowered in price to $8.99

There's something about this superhero that just sucks.

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I am not allowed to watch that, since it is M, but anyways, just seeing that scene as shown before you play that video is exposing weirdness.



Oh deadpool you fool you.

Kind of disappointed that they're only sticking to X-men related characters,


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I WANT! I have been excited for this game since it was announced! From what I can tell from reviews and gameplay, its an average action game, but with Deadpool making it amazingly funny. And really, that's good enough for me! I'll pick it up later when the price goes down because its really short apparently, but when it comes under £20, its mine!

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