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So who else thinks Nintendo's ad campaign is amazing? I'm talking not about their commercials and paper ads, but just the way they promote everything. I find myself constantly buying new games because they promise rewards from Club Nintendo, and I am being pushed farther and farther to wanting a DS because the DS and the Wii are always advertised side-by-side, and gaming is paired between the two quite often

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Agreed. I love their commercials.

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Their commercials always look so fun!

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The TV ads are horrible, in the UK at least

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Just look at this Zelda commercial from the '80s!

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Bowser's Inside Story commercial. Terrible.

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You'll probably hate me for this, but the Mario Kart Wii advertisements were actually pretty good and funny to boot.

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I'm so happy for you grenworthshero, you can get lots of Nintendo goodies from the Club Nintendo while people like me who live in a country without Club Nintendo, can't enjoy it.

You don't have to rub your "Club Nintendo" in our faces.




Bowser's Inside Story commercial. Terrible.

SuperSonic1990 has told me how terrible it was.



See I've been thinking the opposite. I've hated all their advertising for Wii and DS games this gen--with the exception of the hillarious Punch-Out!! advert. I really don't like them plugging random celebraties into their commercials and having 30 year old women playing Animal Crossing to appeal to the "casual" audience. I mean, yeah, they want to appeal to the "casual" audience and I think that's great, but can't they appeal to them by making their games look, you know, cool? They may be attracting the "casual" audience but I think they're turning a lot of long-time gamers off.

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true, i am about to trade in a lot of Wii games for 360 games, and the only Wii game i am looking forward to is New Super Mario Bros Wii..



Its gotten better certainly.


I do like their commercials aiming to another kind of customers that is not the typicall fan. I loved the "we like to play" and the new ones like the wii fit plus "busy mom" commercial.
And I don't mind using celebrities. That's part of the plan. And it works. Besides is fun to see a videogame company promoting videogames like something that can be part of your life instead of the art absurdity that the hardkorez like to promote.
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