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It can be a video game crossover, anime/manga one, etc. Just keep it logical.



1. A Mario & Sonic platformer
2. A Disney and Nintendo platformer crossover



Never mind. Forgot how KoF was in 3D. -_-

Mortal Kombat X Killer Instinct

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Soul Calibur vs. Samurai Shodown

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Who's the King of Hack & Slash?

Devil May Cry X Ninja Gaiden



Tomb Raider X Uncharted

Simpsons X Family Guy

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Pikmin X pokemon
Ratchet and clank X jak and daxter
Xbox super smash bros with xbox characters
Episode of continue that features alphaomegasin
Alpha omega sin of angry joe review

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if they made my little pony ace attorney official it would be awesome, also ace attorney/zero escape

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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (O wait it is happening I just want it sooooo bad why can't it be for the 3DS)
Kingdom Hearts X Mario

Now for something completely different!
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Soulcalibur X Tales - They're both Namco Bandai properties, so I guess it's not totally out there. Not really meaning a full on crossover, either. Just add a couple Tales characters as guests in the next SC, and I'll be good. Game.

Zelda X Fire Emblem - Okay, this doesn't have to be a crossover in the traditional sense, just an FE style game in the Zelda world (doesn't have to be canon). Link & Zelda would be your "lord" class characters, and you could gather your ragtag army of Zelda characters (like Linebeck, Ashei, Nabooru, Midna etc.) to battle against Ganon's forces across the many lands & locations of Zelda history. Game.

InuYasha X Tenchi Muyo! - It's probably just me, but I've always seen these two series' as sort of the inverse of each other for various reasons (IY: teenage girl living in a Shinto shrine in the city, travels 500 years into the past & unseals an obnoxious silver haired male half demon, and is thrown into a fantasy adventure. TM: teenage boy living in Shinto shrine in the country unseals an obnoxious silver haired female space pirate, who's been there for 500 years, and is thrown into a sci-fi adventure. Both are seeped in traditional Japanese style & tradition). Anime.


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I'm actually surprised nobody thought of a Metroid X Halo crossover. Naa, nevermind it would only turn into a love story lol.

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Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog platformer. Best thing ever? Yes it would be.

Some sort of 'official' counterpart to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, maybe as the single player in the next Smash Bros game:

I guess a Nintendo equivalent to Disney Infinity's Toy Box mode would be interesting too.

And Mario (the RPGs) vs Pokemon. What? The stats in Mario RPG and the Mario & Luigi series are high enough you could stick the characters in a Pokemon game ad they wouldn't be too under/overpowered...

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i dont like cross overs. closed universes feel way more "real" to me. know what i mean?

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

i dont like cross overs. closed universes feel way more "real" to me.

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