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There might be another thread like this but I really can't be bothered digging for it. Whatever the case, I am sure everyone at some point or another decides to do something creative which they can then look back on later and go "wow, that was actually pretty good". I guess this thread is for that or possibly "bragging" about creative things you have done.

Personally I am a fan of animation and there was one (although ridiculously amateurish) animation that I did that I am particularly proud of.

and also, this was my first go at playing around with Maya
... I haven't gotten around to doing anything else in Maya since then but its pretty fun

does anyone else have creative stuffs they have done that they want to share?

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Well, I've done a few things but I can't post them. I used to mess around in some C++ programming (I never made it past the beginning tutorials, but I did learn some things). I've messed around with animations using Flash Professional 8 and have created my own flash animation. Currently, I draw comics for my job (if you wanna count that).

I've also created about...5 video games. They're all parodies of different stuff. Like, one's a Harry Potter parody, two games (called Tactical Wars even though there's not really anything tactical about it) are actually based on characters me and my friends came up with that make fun of the characters found in the games, Advance Wars. My cousin is a big Advance Wars fanatic, so I find all the info about the characters from him. And I've made a Star Wars arcade shooter. This one is still not quite finished. (There's another game, but I never really finished it so...)

For all of those games I actually had help from a friend in High School who introduced me to a program called Game Maker. We worked together to create those games, except for Tactical Wars II which I made by myself.

I hope you were able to read through all that. =P

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Making games is fun if you can ever get the motivation to finish them. I think the most complicated "game" I have made was a version of Conway's Game of Life in Java ME... but that was a UNI assignment and was done to some specifications not to random sparks of creativity. "You need to do this to pass" is fairly good motivation.

.... but I guess if you are using something like Game Maker it all gets made really quickly so there isn't time to lose motivation.

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Some good Aussie musics: King Gizzard, Pond, The Avalanches
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