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There might be a fourm like this but HuZaH!!! im to lazy to find it. Well me and me friend Chrono played Dead Space : Extraction and beat it in 4 1/2 hours it was crazy fun but i digres what was your CrAzY wEeKeNd like

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hard. i went to a underground party thrown by Darkmatter Soundsystem (the best in L.A.) and didn't come home till like 8 am. its cool though i love driving from l.a. back to my home town racing the sunrise. the only bad part was the fact that they had two dub step djs come so all kinds of lame bro raver hipster goons came (dub step sucks in l.a.... i hate that jump up party stuff). but they left around 2 am cause they're soft and thats when the hard acid bangers supplied by Dj Fiend came. thats when the party started! but those dirty bro ravers got me sick so i spent the rest of the weekend in bed with a cold, playing raiden iv and watching movies.



I,um did stuff.


I have normal weekends nowadays. My crazy weekends have been over for a few years now.



My weekend was so crazy it knocked the ridiculous capital letters back into lowercase ones.


i took a vacation in a hot air balloon when my girlfriend got captured so i started a grand adventure to get her back while freeing a ton of yoshis along the way, after that i started going back home when suddenly i got a distress call from Zebes, i geared up and came to find that a giant lizard had stolen the last metroid so i ran all over the planet trying to get him back i had just defeated mother brain when i found a cave which i walked into, i found a mysterious form baton when a boulder came out of nowhere and tried to flatten me but by solving microgames i barely got away and showed my new form baton to all my friends then i found a black void of a wall and i walked towards it when an evil hand came out and grabbed me and pulled me in and then i realized that i was now i wolf in a creepy twilight place with a little elf like girl next to me and i go on a grand adventure and destroy the evil ganon and i fly off in my arwing when once again i recieve a distress call, this time from te planet of sauria where i used a staff to blast a bunch of lizeardmen who threatened to take over the dinosaurs that ruled the planet, but now i was hungry so i settled down to have a snack when my bananas were stolen by a fat reptile so i ran all over the place with my little monkey friends and kicked his butt and got my lunch back, and after a healthy lunch it was time for me to participate in my grand prix race, so i suited up in my tight shirt and got in my car and raced all around the floating tracks, but after i wont that i was invited to a boxing tournament where i was extremely small compared to the rest of the boxers but after defeating mike tyson i had to perform my duties to my country of orange star so i ordered all my tanks and infantry to go take over black holes base and after i finally won, suddenly a baby landed on my back so i ave to run around six world fighting a bunch of blown up enemies and trying to keep that annoying baby on my back when finally i take out a giant turtle and reunite him with his little baby sibling then i realized that Paletuna needed my help so i got my trusty angel wings and kept flying up and shooting baddies with my arrows when i was finished i realized that i was late to see professor oak, i ran to his lab and got my very own charmander then i traveled around the Kanto region beating up other poor pokemon that belonged to team rocket and when my guys got strong enough i challenged the elite four and became the champion of kanto so i was settling down in the poke center for supper when i realized that a penguin emperor stole all the food, so i ran around taking powers from the guys scattered around planet popstar and took the tyrant out so i got in spaceship and tried to leave but crash landed on a strange planet where i harvested tiny plat like creatures who helped me completely rebuild my spaceship and come back to my planet where i realized that a war between begnion and gallia so i joined my mercenaries group and help the laguz tribe but the fire emblem broke and i was forced to kill the god ashera and i thought i was finally done when all of a sudden all of the worlds that i had visited on my weekend collided and had a grand battle but we soon realized that we all had one main enemy, tabuu, after we took him down i came home early enough to watch the simpsons...

if you read all of that, then i congratulate you! (that whole thing was 1 sentence long)

Heisenberg says "relax!"
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i read it lol and you have story telling skills and that was one messy game stitching together yet it fit lol

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Did homework, went out to a bar, took a prostitute who got into a fight to the hospital, got home at 7:00 am, slept most of the next day.

I think i'm getting too old for this stuff.

I am way too lazy to think of something clever.
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^^ Now that's a proper night out.

As for me, my crazy weekends involve watching/playing football, a lengthy bike ride, fun with nieces, the pub, the sofa, too much booze, too much weed, too much Wii, too little sleep. Rinse and repeat.



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