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Space Harrier While I am glad it's finally another VCA release, this week still sucks. Hopefully Sim Earth or Super Smash Bros next week.



KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

@jhuhn: I know! How exciting! This is seriously one amazing update even if you don't like any of the games but thank goodness there seems to be something for almost everyone (except the cynics of course).

Does that make me a cynic? I was interested in Eduardo until I read sirgrim's report on it. Let's Catch MIGHT be good, but it seems awfully pricey for what I know about it, so I'll have to wait for a review. I do not care about Rainbow Islands as a series. DSi apps are retarded, but pretty much everyone on Nintendo Life thinks that. And Space Harrier is a rip-off at $8 because it's on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, plus I don't like the game anyway.

If all that was really pure cynicism without any sense at all, then I'm made of ice cream!

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