Topic: Could a Bioware style RPG be successful on a Nintendo platform?

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Could an RPG with a world full of interesting lore, memorable characters, character development, moral choices, and a well written story and villain be success on a Nintendo platform?

The newest Dragon Age can take 200 hours to beat. Would the game have to be short and have a cartoonish art style to be successful with the Nintendo fanbase?

Would the politics and social issues that are present in many RPGs bore players? Would moral choices bore gamers?



Define a Bioware RPG. Baldur's Gate/BGII? We already have Pillars of Eternity 2 from Obsidian coming to Switch that can be a barometer. It's made by much of the same team from Black Isle that worked on BGII with Bioware and is sort of a proper continuation of the Interplay era D&D RPGs in the Infinity engine. Jade Empire was a one-off for XBox and PC, but if there is ever the sequel they promised (there probably won't be) I think that could do great on Switch.

Mass Effect 1 was very experimental, and about building a new brand to get away from the SW license, DA:O was a great spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate without a D&D license that they'd started many years and many games prior. It seems to tie in well to a Nintendo audience. ME2, 3, Andromeda, are EA/DICE shooters with a loose RPG framework around them. Fun games, but...not "Bioware RPG" in any traditional sense IMO. And whatever EA did to DA2 and Inquisition, I tried them again recently. They're better than I remembered...but the EA "let's make this an action game" influence can be felt immediately, especially in Inquisition. It's an RPG in the same way Assassin's Creed: Odyssey and BotW are an RPG.

Ultimately according to Bethesda, Skyrim is doing quite well. So we know WRPGs can do well. I assume by "Bioware style" you mean more traditional Bioware RPGs and not the new EA controlled stuff from the actual namesake of Bioware since, what's a Bioware RPG now? Anthem? A shared world MMO Destiny-like shooter with some thin RPG veneer tacked on? "Bioware" or what's left of it was rolled into an EA internal design committee with Maxis, DICE, and EA Mobile. Most of the writers left after Andromeda.

Skyrim, Pillars of Eternity II (Dec/2018 release), Wasteland 2 (unfortunately not a really great port.) are probably the best indicators there for a "traditional" Bioware type experience.

My own take is JRPGs are going to be the primary focus of the Nintendo fanbase, but a compelling WRPG would have lots of opportunity on Switch due to its portability. Just.....not Anthem....




In that you mentioned a type of game that has been successful ever, and thus could probably be successful on Switch, where many things have been successful. Successful.

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@CmdrShep2183 Switch already has some big RPGs with deep lore, defined characters and really long gameplay times. I'm closing on 300 hours in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And that game shifted over a million units. Octopath Traveller did very well as well.

Seeing that your username is a Mass Effect reference, I would say that yes, a Mass Effect style game would do well on the Switch too - if someone would just make it. (or heck, just port ME 1-3! I know I'd play them again!)

But the Switch isn't powerful enough for the hyper realistic graphics you see on PC or PS4 Pro. It's just not. Games don't need to be "cartoony" but they wont be able to look like Final Fantasy 15 either.

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Only if EA was more interested in Switch than adding a bunch of sports games.

otherwise, yes.

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@CmdrShep2183 As @Nestalgia points out, Pillars of Eternity II is the closest thing to a Bioware RPG heading to Switch. Unfortunately, I suspect it won't sell very well, being a delayed port of a relatively recent and fairly niche - though mostly well received - game. Skyrim may be a better indicator of the potential audience on Switch, as at least players had a chance to forget and consider revisiting it.

As for whether there are any Nintendo players who appreciate politics and moral choices in complex RPGs, I'd suggest the Shin Megami Tensei series is a fairly grown-up one and it has always been at home with Nintendo. The success of Fire Emblem, too, shows that there is a sizeable sector of people who want big, relatively complex games. Xenoblade 2 has sold over a million, and that is comfortably a 100-hour game (I broke waaaaay more than that, though).

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I think the switch is the perfect platform for deep rpgs with the flexibility the switch offers I would love a remake of jade empire or even a sequel

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No because Bioware is a formal shell of itself really.

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Xenoblade X was fairly close to a Bioware type game. It felt like it's closest relative was Mass Effect 1.

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