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I'm thinking about moving stuff that is on my DSi and Wii SD cards to bigger SD cards, so can I do this via computer? I could try saving the files with my SD card reader and then copying them to new and bigger SD cards. I'm afraid, however, of possible loss of data or corruption of the files.

Has anyone tried this successfully?


or u could just copy everything back to your wii/dsi and copy it back to your bigger sd card! im not sure if the cpu thing would corrupt your data! u could try copying them to ur cpu, leving them on your sd card then putting them on the bigger sd card!

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Yeah, you can, the cards are formatted to FAT, 98, ME, XP and Vista should recognize the cards. You will find several folders inside, just "CTRL + A" to select all then "CTRL + C" to copy and then "CTRL + V" to paste into the new card. There is no magic behind it, just make sure you select all the file, there are no hidden files.

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