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Since when does Mr.L have a Wrench.

I actually am a Shiba

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Well, as long as you have fun with your YouTube videos, it's all good.



Uncharted is a series I need to get back to!

@Not-Gansano For the last time, it's for Brobot. Mr L's giant metal robot.

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I've been watching a lot of anime this Summer.



Dude. I've seen Slender (well sort of). Encountered with sonic .exe. (kinda) and have gone with head to head with Sinistar (and occasionally lose ) I don't think there's anything that you dish out that could creep me out.

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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The Lemongrabs are weird...

"Pay me 20 Rupees and I'll talk."
"Never forget the comfort of freshly-washed shorts."


Dude, I looooove D&D

Except I have at least 5 fully-fledged universes living in my head. It gets crowded up here

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I think I dreamed something last night, I'm a little fuzzy on what happened though. What's that? wrong kind of dream? It's the other kind of dream? I should just be quiet now? Okay.



Big-Luigi wrote:

I want to get homeschooled!

I'm really wondering what you mean by creepy

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Are you mean to everyone?

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